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Player Speed is a statistic in the game which defines the speed a playable Character can move. Most Characters have a base movement speed of 6, but some have different movement speeds, and some items and environmental effects can affect the player's movement speed. The effect of items and attachments is calculated by applying a multiplier to base movement speed. If a character has perks or disadvantages that affect movement speed (e.g. Wolfgang's different forms, WX-78's SYSTEM OVERLOAD, or Wilbur's different locomotion methods), any external speed modifier will be applied to the current value.

In Don't Starve Together, the speed multiplier is product of all multiplier of equipped items, roads, characters and others.

Character speeds Edit

Character Base Base Movement Speed
Wilson Portrait

Willow Portrait Wolfgang Portrait Wendy Portrait WX-78 Portrait Wickerbottom Portrait Woodie Portrait Wes Portrait Waxwell Portrait Wagstaff Portrait Wigfrid Portrait Webber Portrait Walani Portrait Woodlegs Portrait Warly Portrait Wilba Portrait Winona Portrait Wortox Portrait Wurt Portrait

Wolfgang Portrait wimpy form (0.9x ) 5.4
Wolfgang Portrait mighty form (1.25x) 7.5
Wilbur Portrait walking (-0.5) 5.5
Wilbur Portrait running (+2) 8
Werebeaver (1.1x) 6.6
Weregoose (1.4x) 8.4
Wheeler Portrait (1.05x up to 1.17x) 6.3 up to 7.02
Wormwood Portrait Bloom (1x up to 1.2x) 6 up to 7.2
WX-78 Portrait SYSTEM OVERLOAD (+3)

Werewilba Portrait (1.5x)

Ghost character form (Don't Starve Together icon) 3.6
Wurt walking in marsh tiles (1.3x)Wurt Portrait
Character when activating Living Artifact

Objects and foods Edit

There are some items and foods when equipped, worn, walked or eaten (respectively) give boosters (calculated over base) that increases or reduces speed (have the same effect in all players); some are stack-able.

Note : The effect is calculated in default character values base and is not stacked.

Object Effect Duration
Thulecite Club +10% While equipped
Magiluminescense +20% 8 min (1 day)
Lazy Explorer +25% While equipped
Walking cane +25% While equipped
Sleek Hat Shipwrecked icon +25% 3 days
Road +30% Walking over
Ice Cube -10% Wearing
Limestone Suit Shipwrecked icon -10% While equipped
Piggyback -20%* ( -10%*) While equipped
Marble suit -30% While equipped
Sticky Webbing -40% Walking over
Antlion Sinkhole Don't Starve Together icon -70% Walking over
Honey Trail Don't Starve Together icon -60% Walking over
Roasted Coffee Beans

Shipwrecked icon

+5 30 seconds
Coffee Shipwrecked icon +5 4 minutes (1/2 day)
Tropical Bouillabaisse Shipwrecked icon +3 30 seconds
Purple Grouper Shipwrecked icon +2 30 seconds
Pierrot Fish Shipwrecked icon +1 30 seconds
Tar trap Shipwrecked icon -65% Walking over
Flood Shipwrecked icon -20% Walking over
Ink Patch Shipwrecked icon -70% Sailing over
Quackering Ram Shipwrecked icon +??? One second after equipping it
Tea Hamlet icon +2.5 2 minutes (1/4 day)
Iced Tea Hamlet icon +1.6 80 seconds
Stalking Stick Hamlet icon +30% 3 days
Fog Hamlet icon -40% up to -60% 3 minutes or until rain
Sandstorm Don't Starve Together icon -60% Walking inside it
Tin suit Hamlet icon -20% While equipped
Fancy Helmet Hamlet icon -20% While equipped

* The Piggyback has 2 different effects: -20% in vanilla, and -10% in all DLCs and Don't Starve Together.

Total paralysis Edit

There are a few mobs and entities that paralyze players completely, making it impossible to move until the effect is over.

Mob Effect Time
Blue Hound Freeze 5 seconds or until death*
Ewecus Mucus spit attack 10 seconds or when freed by a befriended Pigmen or another player
Sealnado Shipwrecked icon Caught in tornado attack 5-10 seconds
Deerclops Freeze 5 seconds or until death*
Jellyfish Shipwrecked icon Stunlock 2 seconds
Lightning Stunlock 2 seconds
Night Hands from travel over world, Adventure mode or chair at chapter 5 Caught ???
Screaming of the Moose/Goose and the Queen Womant ** stopped 0.5 seconds

* The effects of freezing can be accumulated, meaning that the player could easily die to an Ice Hound.

**The effects of the Queen Womant can be avoided using Rabbit Earmuffs.

Boat and attachments Edit

In the Shipwrecked and Hamlet DLCs, boats were added that can travel through the ocean with various speeds that can also be augmented with attachments.

Boat Default Speed Attachments
Encrusted boat Shipwrecked icon 4 Yes
Log Raft Shipwrecked icon 4 No
Cork Bowl Canoe Hamlet icon 4 Yes
Raft 5 No
Cargo Boat 5 Yes
The Sea Legs Shipwrecked icon Woodlegs Portrait 6 No
Row Boat 6 Yes
Armoured Boat Shipwrecked icon 6 Yes
Surfboard Shipwrecked icon 6.5 No

Some boats have Sail attachments. When equipped, these grant additional movement speed.

Attachment Speed Boost Duration
Thatch Sail Shipwrecked icon +20% 2 days
Snakeskin Sail Shipwrecked icon +25% 4 days
Cloth Sail Shipwrecked icon +30% 3 days
Feather Lite Sail Shipwrecked icon +40% 2 days
Iron Wind Shipwrecked icon +50% 4 days
Trawl Net Shipwrecked icon starts at 0%, penalty increases by aprox -2.8% for each item caught, up to -25% Full, or detached manually.

Others Edit

There are other ways to modify speed but with very short duration periods. Some ways require certain criteria.

Medium Criteria
Waves Shipwrecked icon Sailing through the same direction increase speed 5, 20 (Encrusted Boat), 25 (Surfboard) sailing against reduces .
Big Waves Shipwrecked icon Only for Walani in surfboard sail in same direction increase speed 35, against other boat or other character reduce.
Strong Winds Shipwrecked icon Walking or sailing same direction increase 40% against reduces 40%.
Sail stick Shipwrecked icon Redirect Strong Winds so they blow in the same direction the player is traveling.
Howling conch Shipwrecked icon Will start Strong Winds lasting for about half a Day.
Windbreaker Shipwrecked icon Prevents the player from being slowed by the wind.
Bearger Yawn (
Don't Starve Together icon
away stop player , close put to sleep

Mosquito BugsEdit

  • Equipping and unequipping the Quackering Ram grants a large speed boost.
  • Using console commands and setting the player's speed very high can make them walk over NPCs and cause a game crash.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • WX-78 with SYSTEM OVERLOAD in a row, or armored boat, with iron wind, a sleek hat, a walking cane, eating roasted coffee beans, and eating tropical bouillabaisse, can gain up to 23 in movement speed.
  • Wolfgang in his wimpy form wearing a Marble Suit walking in Antlion Den inside a sandstorm has a speed of 1.0368.
  • Despite each character having their own speed on land, when boarding a boat, the character will gain a 6x multiplier to speed.
  • Although mobs have two speeds (walking and running) the player character only has one (except Wilbur maybe for the constant consider him another mob).
  • The player can change their speed with the console by entering c_speed(value). The value can be between 1 and 40. Above 20, the player character can walk on water. Above 41, the game may crash.
  • Walking on lava (using console commands) will cause automatic death.
  • Even if the player catches up to the speed of a Dogfish (8) in a boat with a Trawl Net, they will still be unable to capture it.
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