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The Pinacle Biome is a biome exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. This biome is located on a seperat island, with its own plants and structures. The player gains access to the island after being caught and transported to it by the BFB. The journey will make the character lose a bit of sanity, just like a Wormhole would do.

Scattered all around on the biomecan be found rocks, flint, and twigs, along with Weathered shrubs, trees, and branches. This biome is where the Regal Scepter is located. There is also a single Sinkhole spawning somewhere in the biome, which is in fact the exit of the island.

Mining the sinkhole creates a passage to the caves. This cave system is similar to the Ancient Pig Ruins and Mant Hill, consisting of a series of connected rooms. These rooms can have Mushtrees, Light Flowers, Ferns, Unimportant Pillars, and Stalagmites in them. In one of the rooms there will be a Stone Plug in the middle of the back wall. Mining this rock will trigger a single Earthquake shake and create a passage out of the caves. This passage will lead to one Cave Cleft on any of the other 3 islands, regardless of whether or not it had been explored. The passage can then be entered from the Cave Cleft to take the player back to the BFB's Island again.

BFB's Nest

The heart of the Nest consists of 4 Petrified Eggs plus a Stone Egg (which will hatch into a Ro Bin), surrounded by one Weathered House, one Rusty Lamp, one Weathered Trunk, some Weathered Trees, branches, sticks and shrubs. The petrified eggs can be mined for 3 items, which will be either rocks, or red, blue, or Purple Gems.

Prototype Tips

  • Don't worry if you miss a pickaxe. Every resource needed to make one is available on the island, likely to make sure that players are not trapped on it because they cannot mine the sinkhole.

Mosquito Bugs

  • (maybe not a bug) It is possible to find 2 Regal Scepters simultaneously, on the same island.
  • Sometimes there are Tallbirds on this island.
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