Pig Torch

Pig Torch

The Pig Torch is a structure found in a Pig Fortress or beside the Pig King in Adventure and Sandbox Mode. It is protected by Guardian Pigs. It can light up an area and spawns a Guardian Pig in 3 days if the Guardian Pig has died. If any pig guarding the torch is still alive, that pig will occasionally run back to the torch and refuel it. If all guarding pigs have died, the torch will eventually burn out.

The Pig Torch can't be crafted, and can only be destroyed by a Hammer, Gunpowder or Deerclops. If destroyed while lit, it yields 4 Ash, but will yield 3 Logs and 1 Manure when it is burnt out. Therefore, it is recommended to hammer the Pig Torch when its fire has gone.   



It drops manure when destroyed(unlit). This suggests that guardian pigs fuel the torches with their own manure.


A grass farm surrounded by Pig Torches.

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Lone torch

A lone torch surrounded by berry bushes

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