Interior of The Sterling Trough Deli.

A place to purchase goods.


Pig Shops are naturally spawning Structures exclusive to the Hamlet DLC, where the player can use Oincs to buy items. Each shop specializes in a different category of goods. Some Pig Shops can only be found in Swinesbury Pig City on the first island, others only in the Palace City on the second island. If the player obtains the Key to the City, all Pig Shops becomes craftable in the City Planning Tab, except for special buildings such as Swinesbury Academy and the Palace.

Door (Ancient Pig Ruins Exit) Map Icon.png Interior[edit | edit source]

Shopkeepers inside of the Pig Shops restock items as soon as the player buys anything. Every morning there is 16% chance that item on the pedestal will be replaced. Each item has the same chance of appearing. Items that have been stolen by the player will not be replaced.

Pig Shops are a safe place to hide from Vampire Bat waves, Darkness, and Rain. When the player are in a shop, there is no loss of Sanity from Dusk and Night time. Pig Shops close at Night, which means one cannot enter a shop during this period, but if the player is already inside, then they can stay overnight.

Attacking shopkeepers will spawn two Pig Guards with Halberds. They will keep attacking the player until they are disposed of, and will remain present even if the player leaves and then enters the building again.

Map Icon.png Overview[edit | edit source]

The following Pig Shops and buildings can be found in Swinesbury:

The following Pig Shops and buildings can be found in the Palace City:

Prototype.png Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Using a Pan Flute inside a Pig Shop will cause the shopkeeper to fall asleep, enabling the player to steal goods. Not only will this prevent the affected displays from being restocked, but it will also increase the player's Naughtiness and may spawn Krampus inside the shop.

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