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The Pig King can be found in one of the Pig Villages that generally spawn in or on the borders of a Deciduous Forest biome, usually at the end of a path. He can be found laying on Wooden Flooring surrounded by Obelisks, and may be guarded by Guardian Pigs if playing in Adventure Mode. He is immune to any damage and cannot be attacked.

During the day, the player can make offerings to the Pig King in exchange for Gold Nuggets. At Night, the Pig King goes to sleep and cannot be traded with. He will not hold any grudge towards the player, even if they kill his fellow Pigs or his Guardian Pigs. Despite Pigs' hostility to Webber and Wortox, the Pig King will still trade with them, but he will never trade with Wurt (Wurt can at least feed trinkets to Antlion for Desert Stones).

In Adventure Mode, worlds may have different chances of encountering the Pig King based on the specific world's individual rules. 

Exchange rates []

Item Gold Value

EggCooked EggMorselCooked MorselMeatCooked MeatDrumstickFried DrumstickLeafy MeatCooked Leafy MeatFishCooked FishBatilisk WingCooked Batilisk WingKoalefant TrunkWinter Koalefant TrunkKoalefant Trunk SteakSmall JerkyJerkyMonster JerkyPig SkinSlurper PeltBeach ToySea WortherTuna Can

Gold Nugget×1
Bunny PuffSecond-hand DenturesSextantToy BoatBent SporkAir Unfreshener Gold Nugget×2
Leaky TeacupShoe HornOne True Earring Gold Nugget×3
Ball and CupGord's KnotMelty MarblesTiny RocketshipOld BootFrayed YarnWire HangerBlack RookWhite RookBlack KnightWhite KnightBlack BishopWhite BishopWine Bottle CandleQueen MalfalfaPost Card of the Royal Palace Gold Nugget×4
EelCooked EelFrazzled WiresGnomeLying RobotBeaten Beater Can of Silly String Gold Nugget×5
Fake KazooToy Trojan HorseUnbalanced TopOrange SodaUkuleleBrain Cloud Pill Gold Nugget×6
Mismatched ButtonsSoaked CandleBack ScratcherLicense PlateAncient Vase Gold Nugget×7
Dessicated TentacleHardened Rubber BungLucky Cat JarVoodoo DollRed Crown Gold Nugget×8
Potato Cup Gold Nugget×9
Broken AAC Device Gold Nugget×10

Don't Starve Together icon Don't Starve Together[]

During the Hallowed Nights event in Don't Starve Together, the Pig King gives Halloween Candy in addition to Gold Nuggets. If the player is wearing a Halloween Costume Skin, the amount of Candy will be increased.

If given a Golden Belt, he will initiate the Pig King Wrestling Match.

Knight, Rook, and Bishop trinkets can be traded to the Pig King in exchange for their respective figure sketches, making these sketches renewable if the originals are lost.

Prototype Tips[]

  • Meat that is not accepted by the King can be converted into Eggs by a Bird in a Birdcage, and then offered to the King. This makes Gold Nuggets an infinite resource, as Meat is a renewable resource in the game.
  • Since trinkets are renewable through multiple means in Don't Starve Together, gold can be easily mass-farmed this way as well.
  • A low cost method of obtaining Gold from the Pig King would be to place Lureplants on a boat or surrounded by turf, such as Rocky Turf or Wooden Flooring, where they can't spawn Eyeplants, and repeatedly harvest the bait.

Placeholder Trivia[]

  • The Pig King will throw the Gold Nuggets towards the player's camera. Turning the camera will cause the Gold Nuggets to land in a different place.
  • Humorously, the Pig King will refuse a haunting from a Ghost Character in Don't Starve Together.
  • There is a Pig King Vignette in Don't Starve Together. Its flavor text provides a little background for the Pig King and his followers: "Legend has it the Pig King and his followers left their home long ago to rule freely in The Constant." Their previous home could possibly be the world of Hamlet.
  • Depictions of the Pig King appear in the Hamlet DLC. For example, one of the Intricate Topiaries is shaped like him.

Mosquito Bugs[]

  • Sometimes, a Pig King does not spawn in Sandbox Mode because there isn't enough space for his Set Piece to be created during the world generation.

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