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Tis a village wörthy öf a shield maiden's prötectiön.


The Pig City is a Biome exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It includes Pig Shops, Pig Traders, Watch Towers, Town Houses, and Royal Guards. There are also Set Pieces featuring Hedges and Intricate Topiary.

In a Hamlet world, there are two Pig Cities: Swinesbury is found on the island that the player spawns on and contains the Slanty Shanty. Palace City is found on an island that can be reached through a specific Ancient Pig Ruins, and contains the other set of shops and the Palace. The Pig City may very occasionally spawn without houses and very few Watch Towers and Lamp Posts.

BFB rarely enters this biome. During Lush Season, Brambles seem to avoid spawning in this biome. Crows and Pigeons are the only birds that spawn and land in this biome.

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