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I will uncover the secrets of arthropod speech.


To find the Pherostone, one must explore the dark Mant Ruins.

The Pherostone is a naturally spawning Item exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. The Pherostone can be found in the Ancient Pig Ruins, more specifically the ones that have an Mant statue on top of the Ruinous Entrance. When carried in any Inventory slot, it allows the player to understand what Mants are saying.

It cannot be crafted.

Prototype.png Tips[]

  • The Pherostone does not work if it is stored in a Backpack.
  • The Pherostone does not have an icon on the map, so the player should carefully check every room.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • According to character quotes, the Pherostone appears to work by translating scents into language.
  • It's name is a portmanteau of the words "Pheromone" and "stone".
    • The first making a reference to the way insects like ants and termites communicate with each other with pheromone signals. 
    • The second is a reference to the Rosetta stone, a stele written in three different languages (hieroglyphic or Ancient Egyptian, Demotic, and Ancient Greek) with minor differences among the three texts which was key to the first deciphering of Egyptian hieroglyphs and uncovering ancient Egyptian history (like the Pherostone with Mants' language). 

Blueprint.png Gallery[]

Wickerbottom examinating a Pherostone, ubicated in a ruins' room with a lone chiselable statue.