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{{Hamlet Exclusive}}
{{Biome_Infobox|Box title = Iron Biome|name = Iron Biome|image = IronBiome.png|abundant = {{pic|32|Tuber Tree}}|occasional = {{pic|32|Gnat Mound}}{{pic|32|Iron Ore}}{{pic|32|Rocks}}|rare = {{pic|32|Thunder Nest}}{{pic|32|Nitre}}{{pic|32|Flint}}{{pic|32|Crow}}}}
|Box title = Painted Biome
|name = Painted Biome
|image = Painted Icon.png
|abundant = {{pic|32|Tuber Tree}}{{pic|32|Thundernest}}{{pic|32|Thunderbird}}{{pic|32|Iron Ore}}{{pic|32|Crow}}{{Pic32|Kingfisher}}
|occasional = {{pic|32|Gnat Mound}}{{Pic32|Gnat Swarm}}{{Pic32|Pangolden}}{{Pic32|Sparkling Pool}}{{pic|32|Rocks}}{{pic|32|Flint}}{{Pic32|Nitre}}
|rare = {{Pic32|Gold Nugget}}{{Pic32|Cave Cleft}}
{{Quote|'Tis material för metalwörk.|Wigfrid}}
The '''Painted Biome''' is a [[Biomes|biome]] exclusive to the ''[[Don't Starve: Hamlet|Hamlet]]'' DLC. It is covered in [[Painted Sand Turf]] which can be dug up with a [[Pitchfork]].
The most common resources found in this biome are [[Iron Ore]], [[Tree/Tuber Tree|Tuber Trees]] and [[Gnat Mound]]s. One may also find [[Rocks]], [[Flint]], [[Nitre]] and [[Gold Nugget]]s lying on the ground. [[Sparkling Pool]]s can also be found here, but [[Pangolden]]s generally drink them before the player can spot them.
The [[Mobs]] commonly found in this biome are [[Thunderbird]]s, but Pangoldens and [[Gnat Swarm]]s are also found here.
[[Crow]]s and [[Kingfisher]]s are only birds that land in this biome.
[[vi:Vùng Sơn Màu]]
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