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An artifact which may
contain other artifacts.


Ornate Chests are found in the labyrinth of the Ruins.  They usually are surrounded by Spider Webbing that houses Dangling Depth Dwellers. They drop absolutely nothing when destroyed. When opened they may release Nightmare Creatures (Terrorbeaks and Crawling Horrors) causing the Characters to say "Oops". They contain random amounts of the following:

25% Chance for :

33% chance for :

50% chance for :

You can get only 1 of the items per dropchance (so if you are lucky you get three if not none).

The Durability of the items is between 33% and 80%

33% Chance for :

45% Chance for :

(3-6) (We are not sure if you get a Combination of gems or only get a single type of gem.)

66% Chance for :

75% Chance for :

75% Chance for :

Large Ornate Chest

File:Large Ornate Chest.png
A large version of the chest is dropped by the Ancient Guardian at the center of the labyrinth.  This version contains substantially more loot than the smaller versions.


25% chance of containing: (Thulecite Club or32px orStar Caller's Staff) (condition: 33% to 80%)

and 33% chance of containing: Gears × (3 to 6)

and 33% chance of containing: Thulecite Suit (condition: 33% to 80%)

and 45% chance of containing: (Yellow Gem or Orange Gem or Green Gem) ×(3 to 6)

and 50% chance of containing: (Fire Staff or 32px or Telelocator Staff or 32px) (condition: 33% to 80%)

and 66% chance of containing: (Red Gem or Blue Gem or Purple Gem) ×(3 to 6)

and 75% chance of containing: Nightmare Fuel ×(5 to 10)

and 75% chance of containing:Thulecite ×(7 to 14)

Therefor there is a 0.227% chance the box contains 8 items, and a 0.197% chance the box is empty.


Example of finding goodies in a Large Ornate Chest.

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