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[[Category:Mob Spawning Entities]]

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An artifact which may
contain other artifacts.


Ornate Chests are found in the labyrinth of the Ruins. They usually are surrounded by Spider Webbing that houses Dangling Depth Dwellers. They also don't drop anything when destroyed with tools such as Hammers or Gunpowder.

When opened, there is a chance for the character to comment on it being a trap and for a random effect to occur. These effects include raising or lowering hunger, raising or lowering sanity, raising health, affecting the durability of inventory items, and spawning Dangling Depth Dwellers. Ornate Chests contain random amounts of the following:


Ornate Chest contents
Item(s) Chance Durability Quantity
Fire Staff or Ice Staff or PickSlashAxe or Bat Bat 5% 30% to 50% ×1
Orange GemYellow GemGreen Gem 7% N/A ×1
Thulecite 10% N/A ×1 to 3
Red GemBlue GemPurple Gem 15% N/A ×1 to 2
Nightmare Fuel 20% N/A ×1 to 3
Thulecite Fragments 20% N/A ×2 to 4
SpearFootball HelmetLog Suit 20% 33% to 80% ×1


As a result of the above, there is a 26.3% chance the box is empty, and practically a 0% chance the box contains the max of 8 different items. Furthermore, there is a 2.3% chance the box contains a Green Gem, and 0.82% chance the box contains a Spear and a Football Helmet both in a condition over 50%.

Large Ornate Chest

A large version of the chest is dropped by the Ancient Guardian at the center of the Labyrinth. This version contains substantially more loot than the smaller versions, and the added bonus of not spawning Shadow Creatures.


Large Ornate Chest contents
Item(s) Chance Durability Quantity
Thulecite Club or The Lazy Explorer or Star Caller's Staff 25% 33% to 80% ×1
Gears 33% N/A ×3 to 6
Thulecite Suit or Thulecite Crown 33% 33% to 80% ×1
Green Gem or Yellow Gem or Orange Gem 45% N/A ×3 to 6
Fire Staff or Ice Staff or Telelocator Staff or PickSlashAxe 50% 33% to 80% ×1
Thulecite Fragments 50% N/A ×7 to 14
Red Gem or Blue Gem or Purple Gem 66% N/A ×3 to 6
Nightmare Fuel 75% N/A ×5 to 10
Thulecite 75% N/A ×7 to 14


As a result of the above, there is a 0.23% chance the box contains the max of 8 different items, and a 0.20% chance the box is empty. Furthermore, there is a 9.4% chance the box contains 14 Thulecite, and 5.3% chance the box contains a Thulecite Club in a condition better than 50%.


Example of finding goodies in a Large Ornate Chest.

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