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An artifact which may contain other artifacts.


An Ornate Chest is a Structure found in the Labyrinth biome of the Ruins. Ornate Chests are usually surrounded by Dangling Depth Dweller webbing.

Ornate Chests do not drop anything when destroyed.

Ornate Chest contents
Item(s) Chance Durability Quantity
Bat Bat.png 5% 30%-50% 1
Fire Staff.png or Ice Staff.png or PickSlashAxe.png 5% 30%-50% 1
Orange Gem.png or Yellow Gem.png or Green Gem.png 7% N/A 1
Thulecite.png 10% N/A 1-3
Red Gem.png or Blue Gem.png or Purple Gem.png 15% N/A 1-2
Nightmare Fuel.png 20% N/A 1-3
Thulecite Fragments.png 20% N/A 2-4
Football Helmet.png or Log Suit.png 20% 33%-80% 1
Spear.png 20% 33%-80% 1


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Opening an Ornate Chest has a 66% change to trigger a random effect out of five possibilities. The type of trap is determined randomly, but changes each time the game is reloaded. Each Ornate Chest can only trigger a trap once. After the Ruins are reset in Don't Starve Together all Ornate Chests will again have a 66% change to trigger a trap:

Ornate Chest traps
Trap Effect Amount Notes
Sanity Meter.png Sanity Trap Raises or lowers the player's Sanity -20 to +20
Health Meter.png Health Trap Raises or lowers the player's Health 0 to +20 Cannot kill the player. Code comment reads "Changes health (For the better! We don't want the player to die from this)"
Hunger Meter.png Hunger Trap Raises or lowers the player's Hunger -20 to +20
Terrorbeak.png Monster Trap Spawns Dangling Depth Dweller.png or Terrorbeak.png 1-3 Nightmarebeaks do not spawn from this trap in Don't Starve Together icon.png
Backpack.png Inventory Trap Raises or lowers the durability or spoilage of a random item in the player's Inventory -20% to +20% This may lead to unorthodox percentages on tools or armor.

Large Ornate Chest[]

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My, what magnificent horns you have!


A Large Ornate Chest spawns when the Ancient Guardian is killed. This chest contains substantially more loot than its smaller counterpart. In Don't Starve icon.png, each item in the pool has a chance to appear individually. In Don't Starve Together icon.png, 6-8 of the items are guaranteed to be chosen. There will always be an Ancient Key in the Large Ornate Chest in Don't Starve Together.

Large Ornate Chest contentsDon't Starve icon.png
Item(s) Chance Durability (%) Quantity
Thulecite Crown.png 33% 33-80 1
Thulecite Suit.png 33% 33-80 1
Thulecite Club.png or The Lazy Explorer.png or Star Caller's Staff.png 25% 33-80 1
Fire Staff.png or Ice Staff.png or Telelocator Staff.png or PickSlashAxe.png 50% 33-80 1
Thulecite.png 75% N/A 7-14
Thulecite Fragments.png 50% N/A 7-14
Nightmare Fuel.png 75% N/A 5-10
Red Gem.png or Blue Gem.png or Purple Gem.png 66% N/A 3-6
Green Gem.png or Yellow Gem.png or Orange Gem.png 45% N/A 3-6
Gears.png 33% N/A 3-6

Large Ornate Chest contentsDon't Starve Together icon.png
Items(s) Chance Durability (%) Quantity
Thulecite Crown.pngorThulecite Suit.pngorThulecite Club.png 77% 100 1
Magiluminescence.pngorThe Lazy Forager.png
77% 100 1
The Lazy Explorer.png or Star Caller's Staff.png 77% 100 1
Thulecite.png 77% N/A 8-14
Thulecite Fragments.png 77% N/A 12-36
Green Gem.png 77% N/A 2-3
Yellow Gem.png 77% N/A 2-4
Orange Gem.png 77% N/A 2-4
Gears.png 77% N/A 3-6
Ancient Key.png(Don't Starve Together icon.pngonly) 100% N/A N/A

Gift Icon.png Downloadable Content[]

In the Shipwrecked DLC, Ornate Chests have a chance to randomly be dug in X Marks the Spot locations, with no items in it.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • The name "pandoraschest" is a reference to the Greek myth of Pandora's box, a box that contained all the evils in the world. The fact that the chest can spawn Terrorbeaks and Dangling Depth Dwellers when opened is likely a reference to this.
  • In DST, the Large Ornate Chest's drops were improved in the March 2022 QoL update.

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