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Ocean Fishes are passive Mobs in Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them, present only in the beta branch. They can be obtained by fishing in Shoals in the Ocean.

There are ten species of Ocean Fish separated into two categories, Small Ocean Fish and Medium Ocean Fish. They can be obtained by fishing with a Sea Fishing Rod. All Ocean fish can be eaten raw to restore 12.5 Hunger Meter and 1 Health Meter. They spoil after 1 day in the inventory, leaving one Spoiled Fish. This can be prevented with the Tin Fishin' Bin.

Small Ocean Fish can be murdered to obtain one Fish Morsel, and can be cooked for one Cooked Fish Morsel. The only exception is the Popperfish, which drops Popcorn in both cases.

Prototype Tips

Depending on the Ocean Biome, Ocean Fishes have different names, appearance into the water, and preferred food.

Small Ocean Fishes
Fish Water Name Ocean Diet
Runty Guppy Runty Guppy Water Runty Guppy Costal (uncommon)
Swell (uncommon)
Needlenosed Squirt Needlenosed Squirt Water Needlenosed Squirt Costal (common) Omni
Bitty Baitfish Bitty Baitfish Water Bitty Baitfish Costal (rare)
Swell (rare)
Rough (rare)
Smolt Fry Smolt Fry Water Smolt Fry Costal (very common) Omni
Popperfish Popperfish Water Popperfish Costal (common) Veggie
Fish Water Name Ocean Diet
Medium Ocean Fishes
Mudfish Mudfish Water Mudfish Costal (uncommon)
Swell (common)
64px Deep Bass Water Deep Bass Swell (uncommon)
Rough (common)
Dandy Lionfish Dandy Lionfish Water Dandy Lionfish Rough (uncommon)
Hazardous (very common)
Black Catfish Black Catfish Water Black Catfish Water Swell (uncommon)
Rough (common)
Corn Cod Corn Cod Water Corn Cod Swell (common)
Rough (uncommon)
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