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This page lists all non-renewable items in the game that can be used up or their only sources can be depleted. This does not include items and structures further crafted from these items.

All items that are not included in this list are renewable resources. Renewable resources can still end up unavailable if the mob or plant providing it goes extinct.

Non-renewable resources
Icon Item Obtained from

All Gravedigger Items (except Life Giving Amulets, Nightmare Fuel, Blue Gem, and Red Gem)

Dug from Graves
Shipwrecked icon.png Specific trinkets are found in Steamer Trunks, by using Trawl Nets and destroying Prime Ape Huts

  • Reign of Giants icon.png Frazzled Wires, Gnome, Gord's Knot and Hardened Rubber Bung are renewable in the Reign of Giants DLC from Tumbleweeds,
  • Shipwrecked icon.png Ancient Vase, License Plate, and Old Boot are renewable in Shipwrecked DLC by using Trawl Nets, and Gnomes by destroying Prime Ape Huts
  • Don't Starve Together icon.png all renewable through ruins regeneration
Gears.png Gears Dropped by Clockwork Bishops, Clockwork Knights, Clockwork Castles, Damaged Rooks, and Damaged Bishops

Dug from Graves
Shipwrecked icon.png Dropped by Floaty Boaty Knights

Mandrake.png Mandrake

Picked from ground

Guardian's Horn.png Guardian's Horn

Dropped from deceased Ancient Guardian

Fireflies.png Fireflies

Caught with a Bug Net

Honeycomb.png Honeycomb Destroying Bee Hives
Grass Turf.png Natural Turfs Digging the ground with a Pitchfork
Grass Tuft Item.png Grass Tuft

Digging a Grass Tuft with a Shovel

Sapling Item.png Sapling

Digging a Sapling with a Shovel

  • Don't Starve Together icon.png Renewable in Don't Starve Together Survival and Endless modes due to Florid Postern.

Berry Bush Item.png Berry Bush 2.png

Berry Bush

Digging a Berry Bush with a Shovel

Spiky Bush Item.png Spiky Bush

Digging a Spiky Bush with a Shovel

Viney Bush Root.png Viney Bush

Shipwrecked icon.png

Digging a Viney Bush with a Shovel

Coffee Plant Dug.png Coffee Plant

Shipwrecked icon.png

Digging a Coffee Plant with a Shovel

Elephant Cactus Dug.png Elephant Cactus

Shipwrecked icon.png

Digging a Elephant Cactus with a Shovel

Nettle Plant.png Nettle Vine

Hamlet icon.png

Digging a Nettle Vine with a Shovel

Eye Bone.pngFishbone.png Eye Bone Found randomly in the world
Ring Thing.pngRing Thing Shipwrecked.png Ring Thing Found randomly in the world
Crank Thing.pngGrassy Thing.png Crank Thing Found randomly in the world
Box Thing.pngScrew Thing.png Box Thing Found randomly in the world
Metal Potato Thing.pngWooden Potato Thing.png Metal Potato Thing Found randomly in the world
Thulecite.png Thulecite

Found numerous ways in the Ruins

Yellow Gem.png

Orange Gem.png

Green Gem.png

Yellow Gem

Orange Gem

Green Gem

Found numerous ways in the Ruins

  • Reign of Giants icon.png Unreliably renewable (0.02%) in the Reign of Giants DLC from Tumbleweeds,
  • Don't Starve Together icon.png Renewable in Don't Starve Together through killing the Dragonfly and ruins regeneration
Slurper Pelt.png Slurper Pelt Dropped by Slurpers. (Reign of Giants icon.png Renewable in the Reign of Giants DLC Don't Starve Together icon.png Renewable via ruins regeneration)
Cat Tail.png Cat Tail Dropped by Catcoons on death.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Renewable via Hollow Stump refreshing; still possible to go extinct from Stump destruction.

Renewable resources that can go extinct
Icon Item Obtained from
Log.png Log Dropped by cutting Trees. Some trees are non-renewable outright; others require manual replanting.
Rabbit.png Rabbit Live rabbits spawn from Rabbit Holes, which can be irreversibly destroyed by digging.
Light Bulb.png Light Bulb Obtained by picking Light Flower, which can be irreversibly destroyed by fire.
Bee.png Bee Live Bees spawn from Bee Hives and Bee Boxes. The former is completely non-renewable, and the latter cannot be crafted without Bees.
  • Reign of Giants icon.png Unreliably renewable (0.1%, 3×) via Tumbleweed. Need four to craft a Bee Box.
Beefalo.png Beefalo Spawn from world generation and mating. At least one beefalo must be left alive for the herd to repopulate.
Pig.png Pig Spawn from their Pig House, which requires Pig Skin to craft if destroyed. Pig Skin is only renewable because Pigs respawn.
Flower.png Flower Spawns from world generation, by planting Butterflies, and by homeless bees pollinating. Butterflies are only renewable because they spawn from flowers in the first place. Bees also need flowers to pollinate in the first place.
  • In all DLCs and DST, Rain spawns new flowers.
Red Cap.png

Green Cap.png

Blue Cap.png

Red Cap

Green Cap

Blue Cap

The Caps are obtained either from Mushrooms or Mushtrees. The latter is outright non-renewable. The former can be irreversibly destroyed by digging or fire.
  • Don't Starve Together icon.png Mushtrees regenrate via Desolation Regrowth. No regeneration for Mushrooms still.
See also the various plants listed above: many of their products (Cut Grass, Berries) are renewable, but not after the plants (Grass Tuft, Berry Bush) go extinct due to mismanagement.

Mobs and plants that can go extinct, but does not provide any unique resource
Icon Item Found in biome
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