Wilson Portrait
Is it staring at me? ...No, I guess not.


Willow Portrait
I wish everyone'd stop fawning over that smelly thing!


Wolfgang Portrait
Not very mighty. More fragile.


Wendy Portrait
It lives in a constant state of fear.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
It has shed its antler for the warmer months.


Woodie Portrait
That's a creature of the woods, eh?


Waxwell Portrait
Well it's certainly not deer to me.


Wigfrid Portrait
The beauty öf Freya dwells in all creatures!


Webber Portrait
It looks soft.


No-Eyed Deer are passive, seasonal Mobs exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign. No-Eyed Deer spawn near the beginning of Autumn in Deciduous Forests or Mosaic Biomes and are always found in groups of 7 to 9.

Past the beginning of Winter they will grow one of the 3 variations of Deer Antlers. They will, however, despawn around the end of the season unless they are near a players' base.

Brain Behavior

No-Eyed Deer will spawn 3–5 days into Autumn. They will not spawn on craftable Turfs, Savanna Turf, or Marsh Turf. They will always spawn as a group away from all players. The herd always stays together and all animals move exactly in the same direction.

As Winter starts the No-Eyed Deer will start migrating, growing their antlers after about 1 Day. If the No-Eyed Deer collides into an object such as a Tree the antler will break off. Within 2 days before or after the end of Winter, No-Eyed Deer will despawn unless they are within 1.5 screens (7.5 Pitchfork tiles) of at least 10 player Structures or Walls.

No-Eyed Deer will not run away from the player if approached, but will be startled. If attacked, they will flee.

Placeholder Trivia

  • They were added in the Herd Mentality update.
  • "No-Eyed Deer" is likely a pun on the phrase "doe-eyed", which is commonly used to describe eyes of deer. The name also resembles the phrase "no idea".
  • Before the "Winter's Feast" update the No-Eyed Deer used Volt Goat's sounds and were neutral, attacking players in groups similar to Beefalo.
  • The functional versions of the collared No-Eyed Deer were first shown on Rhymes with Play #116[1] and later released as the Gem Deers.

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