Even the trees down here are weird.


Mushtree Forest is a biome that can only be found in a cave. It has been named after the numerous Mushtrees that can naturally be found in the area. Red, Blue, and Green Mushtrees are abundant in these environments, and the ground is covered with a combination of Red, Blue, and Green Fungal Turfs. These areas are also the best place to find Red, Green, or Blue Mushrooms in abundance, and occasionally, players may also find Light Flowers here.

Sometimes depending on the world generation, the Mushtree Biome has different variations. For example, one branch or area may only contain one type of Mushtree and one type fungal turf or maybe no Mushrooms at all.

Red Mushtree Forest[edit | edit source]

Green Mushtree Forest[edit | edit source]

Blue Mushtree Forest[edit | edit source]

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