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Waxwell Portrait.png
It smells of rot and failure.

Maxwell, when examining a Blue Mushtree.

Wendy Portrait.png
It looks like a rotting hat.

Wendy, examining a Red Mushtree.

Wickerbottom Portrait.png
My word! A huge Mycena silvaelucens.

Wickerbottom, examining a Green Mushtree.

Mushtrees are naturally generated objects that act as light sources inside Caves.

The most common variant is Blue Mushtree, which can be chopped down, providing 2 Logs and a Blue Cap. Using a Shovel or a Regal Shovel to dig up the stump that will provide another Log or burn it to yield 1 Ash. Mushtrees also come in green and red varieties, which drop a Green Cap and Red Cap respectively upon harvest, as well as a single Log. When set on fire, a Mushtree will eventually burn to a crisp and disappear, dropping 1 Ash and 1 Charcoal. Unlike Evergreens, which drop Pine Cones that can be planted, there is no way for the player to regrow Mushtrees, making them a nonrenewable resource.

Gift Icon.png Downloadable Content[]

During Full Moons in all DLCs, Mushrooms (both in Caves and on the Surface) will turn into Mushtrees. If a Mushroom-turned-Mushtree has been chopped, its stump will turn into a harvested Mushroom spawn point once the Full Moon ends.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Blooming Mushtree[]

Wilson Portrait.png
You can't tell from far away, but it's quite smelly.

Wilson, examining a blooming blue Mushtree.

Woodie Portrait.png
I like the colour of this one.

Woodie, examining a blooming red Mushtree.

Willow Portrait.png
Ew, I don't want to get too close.

Willow, examining a blooming green Mushtree.

In Don't Starve Together, Mushtrees have a blooming state where they produce light-generating Spores. The blooming season is different for each variety. Blue Mushtrees start blooming at night during Winter. Green Mushtrees start blooming at dusk during Spring. Red Mushtrees start blooming at day during Summer. All three types of Mushtrees are renewable through Regrowth, and will spawn during their blooming Seasons.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Webbed Blue Mushtree[]

Wolfgang Portrait.png
Aw, cheer up!


A variant of the Blue Mushtree, called the Webbed Blue Mushtree, can be found near Dangling Depth Dweller dens. Each den will convert surrounding blue mushtrees at a rate of 1 per day up to a maximum of 6. Webbed Blue Mushtrees will spawn spiders from nearby dens when chopped at with an axe. It is worth noting that, even if you are playing as Webber , the Dangling Depth Dwellers will not hesitate from attacking you after chopping this particular mushtree variant from where they originate.

Prototype.png Tips[]

  • Chopping down Mushtrees is an easy way to get caps while in the caves. However, Mushtrees also provide a small but free and unending source of light. Illumination frequently means life or death in the caves, so discretion should be used when deciding whether or not to harvest.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • According to Wickerbottom and Wagstaff, Mushtrees are regular trees infected with fungal parasites.
  • Wickerbottom also notes that the red and green mushtrees are "Mycena luxaeterna" and "Mycena silvaelucens" respectively.
    • The fungal genus "Mycena" is known in real life for their bioluminescence.
    • "Luxeterna" translates to English as "eternal light", and "silvaelucens" translates to "bright forest".

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