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It could use a spore. Or a mushroom transplant.


The Mushroom Planter is a craftable Structure exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign. It requires 8 Rot, 5 Manure, and 2 Living Logs to craft, and a Science Machine to prototype. After placing it, one can grow Red, Green, and Blue Caps or Spores on it. Mushrooms can be harvested at any time, and will yield different amounts of the mushroom depending on how much they grew. If a spore was planted, there is a 50% chance that it will release a spore when it hits the max level.

Harvesting the Planter less than one day after planting it will only yield the one mushroom that was planted. After a day, the amount of mushrooms growing on the Planter will increase, up to 4 mushrooms per harvest or 6 if a spore was used. They take 3.75 days to fully grow and can be harvested 4 times before it must be replenished with Living Logs.

On the surface, mushrooms can be grown through all seasons except Winter. During Winter, the mushrooms will all turn into Rot. In the Caves, however, mushrooms can be grown all year round; this makes it a reliable and sustainable method of Mushroom farming in Caves.

Prototype.png Tips[]

  • A good method of using Mushroom farming is to make camp near a green and blue Mushtree Forest, where one can collect spores of Blue Mushtrees in Winter and Green Mushtrees in Spring. This method yields lots of Blue Mushrooms for Health and Hunger and Green Mushrooms for Sanity, at a continuous cost of Living Logs.
  • Each use of Horticulture, Abridged book increases the mushrooms count in the planter by 1 however the art only updates on 1, 2, 4 and 6 mushrooms.

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