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Wilson Portrait.png
A tiny chunk of a dead animal.

Wilson, when examining a Morsel.

A Morsel is a meat food item that is dropped by Rabbits, Redbirds, Crows, Snowbirds, Smallbirds, Baby Beefalo (as Baby and Toddler), Splumonkeys, Moleworms, Buzzards, Prime Apes, and Pengulls when they are killed. A Morsel can be used in several Crock Pot recipes as a meat filler, and can be dried on a Drying Rack for 1 day to produce a Small Jerky. Like other meats, a morsel can be eaten by a Pig to have them follow the player, or can be given to the Pig King in exchange for a Gold nugget. It has a meat value of 0.5.

Cooked Morsel[]

Woodlegs Portrait.png
'Tis but a morsel.

Woodlegs, when examining a Cooked Morsel.

A Cooked Morsel is a Morsel, Rabbit, or captured Bird that has been cooked over a Campfire, Fire Pit or Star. It can also be used in various Crock Pot recipes. Mobs that ordinarily drop Morsels that die from being set on fire will drop a Cooked Morsel instead. Like other Meats, a Cooked Morsel can be given to a Pig to have them follow the player, or to the Pig King in exchange for a Gold Nugget.

Silver Bowl.png The Gorge[]

In The Gorge event for Don't Starve Together, Morsels are called Meat Scraps, and the cooked counterpart is called Cooked Meat Scraps. They are obtained from murdering caught Rabbits and Pigeons in the inventory. Meat Scraps and Cooked Meat Scraps have the same sets of examination quotes as Morsels and Cooked Morsels, respectively, in the normal game.

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