Example Morgue. The cause of one of Maxwell's deaths is "Charlie".

Not all deaths are the same.


The Morgue is reachable from the save slot selection menu (next to the cancel button). It lists information about the characters that have died, whether permanently or not, in descending order of time spent alive. The information the Morgue lists is: Days Lived, Deceased (with the character's portrait), Cause of Death (with mob names taken from game files), and Mode (Survival, Adventure, or Caves).

The "Days Lived" column counts how many total days the character has survived in that mode. In Survival Mode, the number of days lived will be whatever day the in-game clock read upon death, while Caves only counts the number of days total the player has spent underground. For example, if the player generates a new world for Survival Mode and dies on day 10, the Obituary will list "10" under Days Lived. If the player gets revived and dies again on day 30, the column will read "30" rather than "20". Suppose the player enters a Cave on day 50 and dies on the 10th day underground; the Obituary will have "10" for Days Lived. Back on the surface, a death on day 70 will be listed as "70", since days elapsed in Caves count.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • The Morgue was added in The Stuff of Nightmares.
  • Death by the Night Monster is listed as "Darkness", but when playing as Maxwell, the cause of death is listed as "Charlie". (Since Maxwell is known as being on a first name basis with it) 
  • Deaths caused by means unknown to the morgue (including but not limited to mod entities) are listed as "Shenanigans". Additionally, this name will show when being ressurected via c_godmode() with commands.
  • Death by too many Meat Effigies is listed as "Resurrection Sickness".
  • If the character dies via a returning Boomerang, the character's name is shown under cause of death.
  • Death by Earthquakes in Caves will have its cause listed as the name of the item that killed the player.
  • Death by the Magma at the center of the Volcano in the Shipwrecked dlc is listed as "Burnt", despite it being very unlikely to occur in regular gameplay.
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