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Moonstorm Map Icon

Moonstorms as they appear on the map.

The Moonstorm is an ingame event exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them.

Moonstorms will appear over a random area of the map after the Mysterious Energy is spawned. Multiple moonstorm icons will appear on the map to indicate the area that is currently under its effect. Moonstorms will disappear 5-6 Days after spawning or after the player successfully aids Wagstaff in the creation of a Restrained Static, after which a new moonstorm will appear over a different portion of the map.

The limited visibility in the Moonstorm

Inside of a moonstorm, vision will be lowered and movement speed will be slowed similar to the effects of a Sandstorm during Summer. The inventory is also obstructed. This effect can be combated via the use of Desert Goggles or Astroggles.

Moongleams will occasionally form and float around in a similar fashion to Spores.

Lightning will strike frequently inside the storm, leaving Charged Glassy Rock that can be mined to obtain Infused Moon Shards. This lightning is not attracted to lightning rods and will not activate WX-78's System Overload ability.

Many effects similar to those found on the Lunar Islands will also take place inside a moonstorm:

After the Celestial Champion is defeated, all currently active moonstorms will cease.


  • If you use a telelocator focus inside of either the sandstorm or moonstorm, and head to the other, the slowing effects will stack. Once you leave either, you will still move slowly, as if you were still in a storm.
  • Wandering outside of the storm without completing Wagstaff's quest can result in having the Enlightenment effect outside of the storm.

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