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The Moon Stone is a naturally spawning object in Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign. It can usually be found in its own Set Piece in a dense Evergreen forest surrounded by several Suspicious Moonrocks, Moon Rubble and Fireflies. It can be damaged, but not completely destroyed, and is not flammable.

After the Moon Stone has been repaired with a few Moon Rocks, it can be used to turn a Star Caller's Staff into a Moon Caller's Staff. At Full Moon, a beam of light shoots out from the Staff and begins the transformation. Hounds and Werepigs that are within 30 units of the Moon Stone will attack the Moon Stone. Additional Hounds and Werepigs will spawn, and they will also attack the Moon Stone, damaging it. When the process ends, either by the Moon Stone becoming fully damaged, successfully transforming the Staff or player removing the staff mid-transformation, all remaining monsters will turn into Suspicious Moonrocks. A successful transformation will take 1 minute (2 day segments), making it possible to transform several or no staves, depending on the night's length.

Moon Rock.png Moon Rubble[]

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Moon Rubble appears scattered around the Moon Stone set piece and is formed out of petrified Flowers, Birds, Spiders and Rabbits, all in different states of crumbling. It can be mined with a Pickaxe, destroying it immediately and yielding nothing.


  • A Moon Stone with a Moon Caller's Staff (either transformed or later given by a player) will emit light and drain heat around itself, therefore acting as a permanent stationary Polar Light. This does not consume the staff's durability, making the Moon Stone a good location for a summer base.
  • Because none of the spawned mobs are capable of smashing breakable objects, the transformation can be carried out without combat if access to the stone is blocked with densely place-able objects (e.g. Mushroom Lights or End Tables), carry-able obstacles (Antlion's cave-in boulders, Suspicious Marble), or a combination of cheap structures (eg. a Sign) and Walls. Care should be taken, though, as with a high number of mobs walking into the obstacles, one or more may eventually be pushed through.
  • Removing the Star Caller's Staff before the transformation completes, together with the above tips, allows easy farming of Moon Rocks without consuming the staff.
  • As the moon event draws in (and then petrifies) any nearby pig or hound, players may further increase yield of such Moon Rock farm by trapping Vargs or building a high number of pig houses near the Moon Stone.

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Moon Stone Event Theme

  • The Moon Stone event triggers its own music, hearable by all players involved.
  • Moon Stone and Moon Rubble were added in the A Little Fixer Upper update.
  • The Moon stone actually accepts any of the staves with a gem, but only the star- and moon-caller's staves have any effect.
  • If a Hat is placed upon a Pig and it becomes a Werepig, the Hat will disappear once the Moon Stone event is triggered

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