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Curious. It rather looks like a key.


The Moon Rock Idol is a craftable Item exclusive to Don't Starve Together. It is found in the Celestial Tab, and requires a Moon Rock and a Purple Gem to be crafted.

Moon Rock Idols can be offered to the Celestial Portal allowing the players to despawn and rejoin the same game with a different playable Character of their choosing. Doing so will cause the player to drop their entire Inventory, however, they will keep their Day count and Map exploration progress, along with any prototyped Crafting recipes and any adopted Critters. The Moon Rock Idol will be consumed in the process.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • When it was first introduced in the Celestial Update, changing characters using a Moon Rock Idol reset the player's Map, Day Count, and Crafting Recipes. This is no longer the case as of update 288118.
  • The Idol glows when it's in proximity to the Celestial Portal.
  • It gives off a small amount of light at night, but is not an appropriate light source to ward off Charlie.
  • If Woodie offers a Moon Rock Idol to the Portal, Lucy the Axe will turn into a regular Axe when returning as a different character.
  • Changing from Walter will despawn Woby without dropping her inventory, so it's best to empty Woby's inventory before switching characters.
  • It should be noted that since Wickerbottom is able to craft Science Items with a lower tier Crafting Station than other characters from the start, if the player had crafted any of those recipes, it would appear as not learned when changing from Wickerbottom to another character.
  • When the Moon Rock Idol is offered to the Celestial Portal, the Character will perform an animation similar to the one used for the Lazy Deserter.
  • The unique Character quotes when offering a Moon Rock Idol seem to indicate that using the Celestial Portal is similar to the classic description of death, in which one is said to see a bright light.
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I've never read anything describing this!

Wickerbottom, before vanishing.

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