Wilson Portrait
That rock came from the moon.


Willow Portrait
Just another rock to me.


Wolfgang Portrait
But is not cheese?


Wendy Portrait
It's traveled so far...


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
Implications of a lunar body? Interesting.


Woodie Portrait
It's uh, a moon rock.


Waxwell Portrait
"Moon" rock.


Wigfrid Portrait
A gift fröm Mani.


Webber Portrait


Warly Portrait
A little piece of sky to hold in my hand.


Wormwood Portrait
Piece of Night Ball


Winona Portrait
Woah! What an odd texture.


Wortox Portrait
It was hewn from solid moon.


Wurt Portrait
Weird rock.


Moon Rocks are Items exclusive to Don't Starve Together. They are obtained by mining crash-landed Meteors, which have the appearance of sharp rocks striped with jagged blue cracks, or Suspicious Moonrock sculptures. Mining a Meteor Boulder will yield a Rock, a Flint, and 2 Moon Rocks. There is a 60% chance and a 30% chance for a third and fourth Moon Rock, respectively.

Moon Rocks can be crafted into Moonrock Walls, Cratered Moonrocks, Moon Dials, Moon Rock Idols and Moon Crater Turf. They are also required to repair the Moon Stone, and to complete construction on upgrading the Florid Postern to the Celestial Portal.

Icon Tools UsageEdit

Inventory slot backgroundMoon Rock


Alchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundMoon Rock Wall


Inventory slot backgroundMoon RockInventory slot backgroundMoon RockInventory slot backgroundMoon RockAlchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundCratered Moonrock
Inventory slot backgroundMoon RockInventory slot backgroundMoon RockInventory slot background Blue MoonlensInventory slot backgroundIceInventory slot backgroundIcePrestihatitatorInventory slot backgroundMoon Dial
Inventory slot backgroundMoon RockInventory slot background Purple GemCelestial OrbInventory slot backgroundMoon Rock Idol
Inventory slot backgroundMoon RockInventory slot background Moon ShardInventory slot background Moon ShardCelestial AltarInventory slot backgroundMoon Crater Turf
Inventory slot backgroundMoon Rock


Inventory slot background Purple MoonlensInterface arrow rightInventory slot backgroundCelestial PortalConstructed by placing Portal Paraphernalia on Florid Postern

Placeholder TriviaEdit

Moon Rock outdated

Old Moon Rock icon.

  • Moon Rocks are considered to be part of A New Reign, even though they were introduced before the official start of the beta branch in the ...In with the New update.
  • In the A Little Fixer Upper update, the textures for Moon Rocks and all related items were updated.
  • Even though Moon Rocks are not available in the singleplayer game, Characters introduced with the Hamlet DLC have unused examination quotes for them.

Blueprint GalleryEdit

Pickable without tools Cut GrassTwigsCut ReedsPetals • (SeashellDubloons Shipwrecked icon)
Obtained using Axe LogLiving LogCharcoal • (Palm Leaf Shipwrecked icon) (Cork Hamlet icon)
Obtained using Pickaxe RocksFlintGold NuggetNitreGemsMarble • (CharcoalCoral Shipwrecked icon) (Moon Rock Don't Starve Together icon)
Obtained using Shovel (RocksFlintGold NuggetNitreGemsSand Shipwrecked icon)
Obtained using
Machete Shipwrecked iconHamlet icon
(VineBamboo Shipwrecked icon) (GrassTuber (Blooming Tuber) Hamlet icon)
Obtained by trading Gold NuggetGems • (Dubloons Shipwrecked icon) (Oinc (Tenpiece Oinc) • Royal Gallery Key Hamlet icon)
Obtained by other methods (ObsidianTar Shipwrecked icon)
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