Wilson Portrait
My vast scientific knowledge tells me it's... a moon butterfly.

Wilson, when examining a Moon Moth

Willow Portrait
Hey, come back here!

Willow, when examining a Moon Moth

Wolfgang Portrait
Flutterby is big and green!

Wolfgang, when examining a Moon Moth

Wendy Portrait
Such beauty can never last.

Wendy, when examining a Moon Moth

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining a Moon Moth

Wickerbottom Portrait
It gets its green hue from the lunar residue in its system.

Wickerbottom, when examining a Moon Moth

Woodie Portrait
Pixie dust tickles my nose.

Woodie, when examining a Moon Moth

Waxwell Portrait
How wretchedly graceful.

Maxwell, when examining a Moon Moth

Wigfrid Portrait
Tis light as a feather ön the breeze!

Wigfrid, when examining a Moon Moth

Webber Portrait
What a pretty moth!

Webber, when examining a Moon Moth

Warly Portrait
Oh, how lovely!

Warly, when examining a Moon Moth

Wormwood Portrait
Hehe! Glowy!

Wormwood, when examining a Moon Moth

Winona Portrait
Cute little fella, aintcha?

Winona, when examining a Moon Moth

Wortox Portrait
A glimmering moth on wings alight.

Wortox, when examining a Moon Moth

Wurt Portrait
It slightly less ugly than normal butterflies.

Wurt, when examining a Moon Moth

Walter Portrait
I've never seen a moth like this before!

Walter, when examining a Moon Moth

Wilson Portrait
I've got you now.

Wilson, when examining a held Moon Moth.

Willow Portrait
Got you now.

Willow, when examining a held Moon Moth.

Wolfgang Portrait
Green flutterby is soft.

Wolfgang, when examining a held Moon Moth.

Wendy Portrait
Give up. You won't escape my grasp.

Wendy, when examining a held Moon Moth.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining a held Moon Moth.

Wickerbottom Portrait
I may have a use for this.

Wickerbottom, when examining a held Moon Moth.

Woodie Portrait
I sure do like nature.

Woodie, when examining a held Moon Moth.

Waxwell Portrait
You can't escape my villainous grasp!

Maxwell, when examining a held Moon Moth.

Wigfrid Portrait
It is my ward, nöw.

Wigfrid, when examining a held Moon Moth.

Webber Portrait
Don't worry, we won't eat you.

Webber, when examining a held Moon Moth.

Warly Portrait
Hello my little friend!

Warly, when examining a held Moon Moth.

Wormwood Portrait
Hello, Flappy friend!

Wormwood, when examining a held Moon Moth.

Winona Portrait
So... you like engineerin'?

Winona, when examining a held Moon Moth.

Wortox Portrait
Watch my claws now, dearest friend.

Wortox, when examining a held Moon Moth.

Wurt Portrait

Wurt, when examining a held Moon Moth.

Walter Portrait
In my pocket you go!

Walter, when examining a held Moon Moth.

The Moon Moth is a passive Mob exclusive to Don't Starve Together and introduced in Return of Them. They spawn after a Lune Tree is chopped down, and behave much like Butterflies.

Upon death they drop one Moon Moth Wings. They can also be caught with a Bug Net, they can be planted to produce a Lune Tree sapling, and are the only method of replanting Lune Trees. When flying they emit enough light to prevent Charlie from attacking.

Unlike Butterflies, Moon Moths will starve outside of the inventory after approximately 4 minutes. Moon Moth inside the player's inventory will starve in 2 days unless fed. They can be fed with any Vegetable.

Icon Tools Usage Edit

Moon Moth
Flower Salad
Rock Den

PlaceholderTrivia Edit

  • Moon Moths were introduced in the Turn of Tides update.
  • Is possibly based on various green species of moths in the genus Actias also known as Moon or Luna Moths.
  • Characters have quotes for Lune Tree Sapling
Wilson Portrait
A moth turned into a tree? Lunacy!


Willow Portrait
Just an un-burned baby tree.


Wolfgang Portrait
Puny little tree!


Wendy Portrait
It grows, against all odds.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
The moths and the trees have somehow mutated together here.


Woodie Portrait
Welcome to the world.


Waxwell Portrait
It's a small moon tree.


Wigfrid Portrait
Tis but a small tree.


Webber Portrait
It'll be a big tree one day.


Warly Portrait
Grow big and strong, little tree!


Wormwood Portrait
Keep growing! You can do it!


Winona Portrait
It'll be a nice tree someday.


Wortox Portrait
Grow now, safe and sound.


Wurt Portrait
Tree grow from bug? Me learning lots today!


Walter Portrait
Poor moth.


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