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Willow Portrait
Hiding from the light, huh?

Willow, examining an underground Moleworm.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, examining a peeking Moleworm.

Webber Portrait
Are you comfy?

Webber, when examining a Moleworm in the inventory.


The Moleworm is a passive Mob in the Reign of Giants DLC. They are indigenous to the Grasslands and Deciduous Forest Biomes. Moleworms live in a Burrow, underground, but can occasionally spawn from Tumbleweeds, Catcoons, and/or Earthquakes.

Caught Moleworms are required to craft Moggles or Rain Hats and can be used in a Crock Pot to make Guacamole.

Brain Behavior[]

Moleworms travel underground similar to a Depths Worm. They will seek out and collect items that are lying on the ground, including Minerals, Thermal Stones, Charcoal, Ashes, Gunpowder, Ice, Old Bells, most Turfs, Gears and most Gravedigger Items. After collecting 2 stacks of items, they will return to their Burrow to drop them off. When a Moleworm takes Gunpowder, it triggers an explosion; killing the Moleworm and leaving a small fire where it died. It will drop a Cooked Morsel. When a Moleworm takes an Old Bell, it will trigger one use and summon Bigfoot.

Moleworms cannot be trapped. In addition, they activate Traps that have been laid down.

Moleworms are not able to pass Walls, despite moving underground.

Moleworms trigger Spider webbing, although spawned Spiders will ignore them.

If a Burrow is destroyed without killing the Moleworm, the Moleworm will wander off to eventually make a new burrow. If the Moleworm is killed but the burrow untouched, a new Moleworm will respawn in 2.5 days(1200 seconds). If the Moleworm is killed and the burrow dug, neither will re-spawn.

Moleworms population can be grown by delinking the Moleworm from its original molehill and releasing the moleworm to make more molehill. The moleworm can be delinked by keeping in inventory and relogging, storing them in Bunding Wrap , or moving them across shard, like from surface to cave.

Moleworms in the inventory will starve in 3 days(1440 seconds), if not fed minerals. Each mineral fed also heals the Moleworm 10 Health Meter.

Spear Hunting[]

A live Moleworm can be obtained by either attacking it (one time) with a Hammer or Executive Hammer after it surfaces, or by digging up its Burrow by a Shovel during the day (destroying the Burrow). The Moleworm can be baited to surface by dropping baits such as a Rock or charcoal. A dug Burrow yields a mineral, plus any items that a Moleworm has stashed inside it.

Hitting the Moleworm with a Hammer is a regular attack, despite the special stun effect. This considers the Moleworm as an aggressive target for Followers, for the followers to kill Moleworms. Moleworms are hurt with each hammering and can be instantly killed by Hammer if hit by a character with a high damage modifier (e.g. Wolfgang in mighty form). The Moleworm's current health is recorded despite moving between mob, stunned state, and inventory; if the same Moleworm is hit multiple times with a Hammer, despite being transferred into inventory, the Moleworm will be killed.

Hamlet icon Hamlet[]

In the Hamlet DLC Moleworms can't be found on the surface, but can fall from the ceiling during Earthquakes when mining an Unimportant Pillar in the Ancient Pig Ruins or a Cave Cleft. They can also be obtained by using a Deconstruction Staff on Moggles, which can be bought at The Sow's Ear Hat Shop, though Moggles can't be crafted in a Hamlet world.

Icon Tools Usage[]

Electrical Doodad
Glow Berry
Alchemy Engine
Reign of Giants icon
Don't Starve Together icon
Straw Hat
Bone Shards
Alchemy Engine
Rain Hat
Reign of Giants icon
Don't Starve Together icon
Cactus Flesh
Crock Pot
Reign of Giants icon
Don't Starve Together icon
Filler cannot be Fruits.
Bio Data
Bio Scanalyzer
Optoelectronic Circuit
DST icon
WX-78 Portrait

Prototype Tips[]

Placeholder Trivia[]

  • Moleworms lack hind legs. Instead, they have a segmented fleshy tail like a worm, explaining their name. This can be more easily seen when the Moleworms are in the inventory.
  • The ability to knock a Moleworm out with a Hammer is a reference to the popular game, Whac-A-Mole.
  • The Moleworm's appearance is based on the Star-Nosed Mole.
  • Creatures like the Moleworm began to starve in the inventory after A Feet of Strength update.

Mosquito Bugs[]

  • Relogging next to an empty burrow will cause a Moleworm to immediately spawn. This occurs even when the previous Moleworm has just been killed or transferred to the player's inventory.
  • When playing as Wortox, a burrowing Moleworm triggering a trap will produce a soul despite nothing dying or any drops coming out of the Moleworm.

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