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Simple creatures. They exist only to sleep and feed.


Mobs are in-game computer-controlled entities, technically creatures including Monsters and Animals. Mob is short for "mobile". It is a term that is used in many other games, not only in Don't Starve.

Since a lot of the Mobs have their own unique behaviors, movements, attacks, drops, and uses, it is important for a player to know the traits of each and every Mob in order to survive, as the Mobs are also the primary danger to the players, being the most common source of Health loss due to their attacks.

Many mobs can be put to sleep.

Classification Edit

  • Hostile mobs are unconditionally aggressive towards the player. These mobs attack the player as soon as the player is at a certain distance from them ("aggro" range).
  • Neutral mobs are normally friendly towards the player, but if provoked will become aggressive. These mobs turn aggressive towards the player when the player provokes them due to a certain action. This action always includes attacking them, however there can be other actions based on the mob.
  • Passive mobs are unconditionally friendly towards player, even when the player attacks them. These mobs will typically avoid the player, but exceptions exist.

For Webber, due to his appearance and the fact that he's considered a monster, some mobs are categorized differently. Spiders will be neutral to him, but Bunnymen, Pigs and Catcoons will be hostile, since these mobs attack monsters on sight.

Characteristics Edit

Health (HP) Edit

Each hit by the player decreases a mob's health by:
weapon damage * character damage multiplier
The amount of hits required to kill a mob is:
mob health / player's damage

Damage (DMG) Edit

Each hit to the player deals:
mob damage / player's armor

Attack Period (AP) Edit

The time in seconds between each hit/attack.

Attack Range (AR)

The Range in Stone Wall Thickness/2 Each attack will reach


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Insanity Aura (IA) Edit

Sanity gained/lost per minute when near mobs.

Walk Speed (WS) Edit

Speed of mobs when neither aggressive (hostile and neutral mobs) nor running from the player (passive mobs).

Run Speed (RS) Edit

Speed of hostile and neutral mobs when aggressive towards the player and speed of passive mobs when running from mobs/player. The default Run Speed of most characters is 6.


Abigail build Abigail N 60010, 20, 401.555 Abigail's Flower
Ancient Guardian Ancient Guardian H 25001002517 Meat×8, Guardian's Horn, Ornate Chest
Batilisk Batilisk H 5020188 Batilisk Wing15%, Monster Meat10% and Guano15%
Bee Bee N 10010255 Honey16.7% or Stinger83.3%
Killer Bee Killer Bee H 10010255 Honey16.7% or Stinger83.3%
Butterfly Butterfly P 155 Butterfly Wings98% or Butter2%
Beefalo Beefalo N 5003441.57 Meat×4, Beefalo Wool×3, Beefalo Horn33%
Baby Beefalo Teen Beefalo P 30029 Meat×3, Beefalo Wool×2
Baby Beefalo Toddler Beefalo P 30029 Morsel×4, Beefalo Wool×2
Baby Beefalo Baby Beefalo P 30029 Morsel×3, Beefalo Wool
Crow Redbird Snowbird Birds P 25 Morsel50% or Jet Feather Crimson Feather Azure Feather50%
Bunnyman Bunnyman N 200402 +25 (If allied)36 Carrot×2, Bunny Puff25% or Meat75%
Beardlord Beardlord N 200601 -4036 Monster Meat, Beard Hair×2
DS-charlie-head Charlie (Night Monster) H N/A1005-11 -20 (on hit)Cannot be killed
Chester Chester P 45037 Items inside of Chester.
Clockwork Bishop Clockwork Bishop H 30040455 Gears×2, Purple Gem
Damaged bishop Damaged Bishop H 30040455 Purple Gem, Nightmare Fuel60%, Thulecite Fragments50%
Clockwork Knight Clockwork Knight H 30040255 Gears×2
Damaged Knight Damaged Knight H 30040255 Gears, Nightmare Fuel60%, Thulecite Fragments50%
Clockwork Rook Clockwork Rook H 300452516 Gears×2
Damaged Clockwork Damaged Rook H 300452516 Gears, Nightmare Fuel60%, Thulecite Fragments50%
Deerclops Deerclops H 2000150(75)3 -40033 Meat×8, Deerclops Eyeball
Depths Worm Depths Worm H 900754 -2544 Monster Meat×4,Glow Berry
Ewecus Ewecus H 50060 Meat×4, Steel Wool×2-3, Phlegm×1-2
Frog Frog H 10010148 Frog Legs
Fireflies Fireflies P ImmobileImmobile Fireflies (when captured with Bug Net)
Ghost Build Ghost H 200151.2 -4022
Gobbler Gobbler P 5038 Drumstick×2
Hound H 150202 -401010 Monster Meat, Hound's Tooth12.5%
Red Hound
Red Hound H 100302 -401010 Monster Meat, Hound's Tooth, Ashes, Red Gem20%
Blue Hound
Blue Hound H 100302 -401010 Monster Meat,Hound's Tooth×2, Blue Gem20%
Houndius Shootius Build Houndius Shootius N 1000653 -2ImmobileImmobile
Koalefant Koalefant N 5005041.57 Meat×8, Koalefant Trunk
Winter Koalefant Winter Koalefant N 5005041.57 Meat×8, Winter Koalefant Trunk
Krampus Krampus N 200501.277 Monster Meat, Charcoal×2 and Krampus Sack1%, Any stolen items in its inventory
MacTusk MacTusk H 15033336 Meat, Blow Dart, Walrus Tusk50% and Tam o' Shanter25%
WeeTusk Wee MacTusk H 100225.135 Meat
Mandrake Mob Mandrake P 2066 Mandrake
Merm Merm H 25030338 Fish, Frog Legs
Lureplant Lureplant P 300ImmobileImmobile Fleshy Bulb, Leafy Meat, and any undigested items
Eyeplant Eyeplant H 30201ImmobileImmobile
Mosquito Mosquito H 10032812 Mosquito Sack50%
Pengull Pengull N 1503330.756 Jet Feather20%, Drumstick10% and Morsel10%, Egg (If hidden)
Pig Pig N 250333 +25 (If allied)35 Meat75% or Pig Skin25%
Guardian Pig Guardian Pig H 300331.535 Meat75% or Pig Skin25%
Werepig Werepig H 350402 -10037 Meat×2, Pig Skin
Pig King Pig King P ImmobileImmobile
Rabbit Rabbit P 2555 Morsel
Beardling Beardling P 25 -4055 Monster Meat40%, Nightmare Fuel40% or Beard Hair20%
Rock Lobster Rock Lobster N 1250-180062.5-901 22 Rocks×2, Flint×2, Meat
Crawling Horror Crawling Horror H 300202.5 -10033 Nightmare Fuel and Nightmare Fuel 50%, +15 Sanity Meter
Terrorbeak Terrorbeak H 400501.5 -10077 Nightmare Fuel and Nightmare Fuel50%, +33 Sanity Meter
Slurper Slurper H 200305 -2599 Light Bulb×2, Slurper Pelt50%
Slurtle Slurtle N 60025433 Slurtle Slime×2, Broken Shell90% or Shelmet10%
Snurtle Snurtle P 20044 Slurtle Slime×2, Broken Shell 25% or Snurtle Shell Armor 75%
Splumonkey Splumonkey N 12520277 Morsel, Cave Banana, Nightmare Fuel50%
Shadow Splumonkey Shadow Splumonkey H 12520277 Cave Banana, Beard Hair,Nightmare Fuel50%, Any stolen items in its Inventory
Spider Spider H 100203 -2535 Monster Meat50% or Silk25% or Spider Gland25%
Spider Warrior Spider Warrior H 200204-6 -4045 Monster Meat50% or Silk25% or Spider Gland25%
Spider Queen Spider Queen H 1250803 -4001.751.75 Monster Meat×4, Silk×4, Spider Eggs, Spiderhat
Cave Spider Cave Spider H 150203 -1535 Monster Meat50% or Silk25% or Spider Gland25%
Spitter Spitter H 175206 -1545 Monster Meat50% or Silk25% or Spider Gland25%
Dangling Depth Dweller Dangling Depth Dweller H 200202 -2535 Monster Meat50% or Silk25% or Spider Gland25%
Tallbird Tallbird H 40050277 Meat×2
Teenbird TeenBird N 30037.5266 Meat
Smallbird Smallbird P 5066 Morsel
Tentacle Tentacle H 500342 -40ImmobileImmobile Monster Meat×2, Tentacle Spike 50% and Tentacle Spots20%
Tentapillar Big Tentacle P 500ImmobileImmobile Light Bulb80%, Tentacle Spike50%, Tentacle Spots40%, Marsh Turf25%, Slurtle Slime10%, Skeleton10%, Rocks10%
Baby Tentacle Baby Tentacle H 2053ImmobileImmobile
Shadow Tentacle Shadow Tentacle H 500342 -40ImmobileImmobile
Treeguard Treeguard (Tall) N 2500186(62)3 -1001.8751.875 Monster Meat, Living Log×6
Treeguard Treeguard (Normal) N 2000150(50)3 -1001.51.5 Monster Meat, Living Log×6
Treeguard Treeguard (Short) N 1400105(35)3 -1001.051.05 Monster Meat, Living Log×6
Bearger Bearger
Reign of Giants icon
H 3000200(100)3 -4003 (6)10 Meat×8, Thick Fur
Buzzard Buzzard
Reign of Giants icon
N 17515248 Drumstick, Morsel33% , Jet Feather33%
Catcoon Catcoon
Reign of Giants icon
N 15025233 Meat, Cat Tail33%
Dragonfly Dragonfly
Reign of Giants icon
H 2750150, 75 x3 225 (75, 37.5 x3 112.5)2.5 -40044 Meat×8, Scales
Glommer Glommer
Reign of Giants icon
P 100 +6.25/min (if allied)66 Monster Meat×3, Glommer's Wings, Glommer's Goop×2
Moleworms Moleworm
Reign of Giants icon
P 252.752.75 Morsel, Any stolen items
Goose Moose/Goose
Reign of Giants icon
H 3000150(75)3812 Meat×6 Drumstick×2, Down Feather×3-5
Mosling Mosling
Reign of Giants icon
N 35050355 Meat, Drumstick, Down Feather×2-3 133%
Poison Birchnut Tree Poison Birchnut Tree
Reign of Giants icon
H N/A40ImmobileImmobile Birchnut×3, Living Log×2 (+1 stump), Nightmare Fuel
Birchnutter Birchnutter
Reign of Giants icon
H 50523.53.5 Birchnut40%, Twigs60%
Varg Varg
Reign of Giants icon
H 6005035.55.5 Monster Meat×4-6, Hound's Tooth1-3
Volt Goat Volt Goat
Reign of Giants icon
N 35025248 Meat×3, Volt Goat Horn25%
Charged Volt Goat Charged Volt Goat
Reign of Giants icon
H 35037.5248 Meat×3, Electric Milk, Volt Goat Horn25%
Blue Whale Blue Whale
Shipwrecked icon
N 650503.524 Blue Whale Carcass
Bottlenose Ballphin Bottlenose Ballphin
Shipwrecked icon
N 10010658 Fish Morsel×2, Empty Bottle50%
Cormorant Cormorant
Shipwrecked icon
P 25 Morsel50%, Jet Feather50%
Crabbit Crabbit
Shipwrecked icon
P 501.55 Fish Morsel
Crocodog Crocodog
Shipwrecked icon
H 150202 -4010 Monster Meat, Hound's Tooth×2 12.5%
Blue Crocodog Blue Crocodog
Shipwrecked icon
H 100302 -4010 Monster Meat, Hound's Tooth×2, Seaweed20%
Yellow Crocodog Yellow Crocodog
Shipwrecked icon
H 100302 -4010 Monster Meat, Hound's Tooth, Venom Gland20%
Dogfish Dogfish
Shipwrecked icon
P 10058 Dead Dogfish
Doydoy Doydoy
Shipwrecked icon
P 1002 Meat, Drumstick×2, Doydoy Feather×2
Teen Doydoy Teen Doydoy
Shipwrecked icon
P 751.5 Drumstick, Doydoy Feather×2
Baby Doydoy Baby Doydoy
Shipwrecked icon
P 255 Morsel, Doydoy Feather
Dragoon Dragoon
Shipwrecked icon
H 300251315 Monster Meat, Dragoon Heart10%
Fishermerm Fishermerm
Shipwrecked icon
P 150 Tropical Fish
Floaty Boaty Knight Floaty Boaty Knight
Shipwrecked icon
H 50050636 Gears×1-3
Flup Flup
Shipwrecked icon
H 10025 Monster Meat, Eyeshot25%
Jellyfish Jellyfish
Shipwrecked icon
P 5052 Dead Jellyfish
Packim Baggims Packim Baggims
Shipwrecked icon
P 45010
Palm Treeguard Palm Treeguard
Shipwrecked icon
N 750503 -1001.5 Coconut, Living Log
Parrot Parrot
Shipwrecked icon
P 25 Morsel50%, Crimson Feather50%
Parrot Pirate Parrot Pirate
Shipwrecked icon
P 25 +25 Morsel50%, Crimson Feather50%
Poison Snake Poison Snake
Shipwrecked icon
H 1001033 Monster Meat20%, Venom Gland20%, Snakeskin10%, Snake Oil0.2%
Poison Mosquito Poison Mosquito
Shipwrecked icon
H 10032812 Yellow Mosquito Sack50%, Venom Gland
PrimeApe Prime Ape
Shipwrecked icon
N 1252027 Morsel or Banana, Manure, Any stolen items
Quacken Quacken
Shipwrecked icon
H 10005015ImmobileImmobile Chest of the Depths, Booty Bag, Iron Key
Quacken Tentacle Quacken Tentacle
Shipwrecked icon
H 90508ImmobileImmobile Tentacle Spike5%, Tentacle Spots10%
Rainbow Jellyfish Rainbow Jellyfish
Shipwrecked icon
P 503 Dead Rainbow Jellyfish
Sea Hound Sea Hound
Shipwrecked icon
H 150201.5 -4010 Monster Meat×1, Hound's Tooth12.5%, Shark Fin12.5%
Seagull Seagull
Shipwrecked icon
P 25 Morsel50%, Azure Feather50%
Seal Seal
Shipwrecked icon
P 10 Meat×4, Magic Seal
Sealnado Sealnado
Shipwrecked icon
H 300075 (250)3513 Turbine Blades
Sharkitten Sharkitten
Shipwrecked icon
P 150 Raw Fish×2-3, Shark Gills×0-2
Snake Snake
Shipwrecked icon
H 1001033 Monster Meat33%, Snakeskin16%, Snake Oil0.33%
Spider Warrior (Venomous) Spider Warrior (Venomous)
Shipwrecked icon
H 200204-6 -4045 Monster Meat50%, Silk25%, Venom Gland25%
Stink Ray Stink Ray
Shipwrecked icon
H 50018 Monster Meat66.7%, Venom Gland33.3%
Swordfish Swordfish
Shipwrecked icon
H 20030258 Dead Swordfish
Tiger Shark Tiger Shark
Shipwrecked icon
N 2500100 (225)3812 Raw Fish×8, Eye of the Tiger Shark×1-2, Shark Gills×2-4
Toucan Toucan
Shipwrecked icon
P 25 Morsel50%, Jet Feather50%
Water Beefalo Water Beefalo
Shipwrecked icon
N 5003451.57.5 Meat×4, Horn33%
White Whale White Whale
Shipwrecked icon
H 8007532.55 White Whale Carcass
Wildbore Wildbore
Shipwrecked icon
N 250333 +25 (If allied)35 Meat75%, Pig Skin25%
Wobster Wobster
Shipwrecked icon
P 251.54 Dead Wobster
Yaarctopus Yaarctopus
Shipwrecked icon
P ImmobileImmobile
Ancient Herald Ancient Herald
Hamlet icon
H 2000504 -6.62 Dark Tatters×5, Nightmare Fuel×2-3, Blueprint
Ancient Spirit Ancient Spirit
Hamlet icon
H 200151.5 -402
Hamlet icon
N 1000
Dung Beetle on Ball Dung Beetle
Hamlet icon
P 303.56 Monster Meat, Chitin50%
Elder Mandrake Elder Mandrake
Hamlet icon
H 20040236 Living Log×2
Giant Grub Giant Grub
Hamlet icon
H 6004432 Monster Meat
Glowfly Glowfly
Hamlet icon
P 168 Light Bulb10%
Gnat Swarm Gnat Swarm
Hamlet icon
H 111
Hanging Vine Hanging Vine
Hamlet icon
H 10010148 Rope40%, Leafy Meat40%
Hippopotamoose Hippopotamoose
Hamlet icon
N 50050256 Meat×4, Hippopotamoose Antler
Antlion Antlion
Don't Starve Together icon
N 600050, 75, 1004 -40 Immobile Immobile Desert Stone×6-8, Meat×4, Rocks×2-4, Trinkets, Blueprint (rare)
Bee Queen Bee Queen
Don't Starve Together icon
H 2250060(120)244 Honey×3-4, Honeycomb×1-2, Stinger×1, Royal Jelly×6-7, Bee Queen Crown, Blueprint (rare)
Carrat Carrat
Don't Starve Together icon
P 25 7 7 Leafy Meat, Carrot Seeds33%
Cookie Cutter Cookie Cutter
Don't Starve Together icon
N 100 20 2.5 -40 2 Monster Meat, Cookie Cutter Shell25%
Lavae Extra-Adorable Lavae
Don't Starve Together icon
P 250
Gestalt Gestalt
Don't Starve Together icon
N 10 Enlightenment Meter 1.5 Cannot be killed
Red Gem DeerBlue Gem Deer Gem Deer
Don't Starve Together icon
H 1500 25 2 2.5 8 Meat×2, Red Gem×1, Blue Gem×1
Grass Gekko Grass Gekko
Don't Starve Together icon
P 150110 Cut Grass, Leafy Meat
Guardian Bee Grumble Bee
Don't Starve Together icon
H 18015238 Stinger
Horror Hound Horror Hound
Don't Starve Together icon
H 100 25 2.5 -40 10 10 Monster Meat,Hound's Tooth×2
Hutch Hutch
Don't Starve Together icon
P 450
Lavae Lavae
Don't Starve Together icon
H 50050 Rocks×1-5 (if frozen)
No-Eyed Deer No-Eyed Deer
Don't Starve Together icon
P 700 2.5 8 Meat×1-2, Bone Shards×1-2
Malbatross Malbatross
Don't Starve Together icon
N 5000 75 (150) 4 3 Meatx7, Malbatross Bill, Malbatross Featherx3.6, Blue Gemx2.3, Yellow Gem5%, Blueprint for Winged Sail and Feathery Canvas, Malbatross Feather (on hit and swoop)
Moonrock Pengull Moonrock Pengull
Don't Starve Together icon
H 100 20 3 -25 0.75 6 Monster Meat25%,Ice50%
SaladmanderSaladmander Ripe Saladmander
Don't Starve Together icon
N 900 30, 50 2 0.5 2 Leafy Meat×1, Dragon Fruit×1
Shattered Spider Shattered Spider
Don't Starve Together icon
H 250 25, 10 3 -20 3.75 6.25 Monster Meat50% or Silk25% or Spider Gland25%
Toadstool Toadstool
Don't Starve Together icon
H 52500100, 120, 150, 2503.5, 3, 2.5, 20.6, 0.8, 1.2, 3.2 Frog Legs×1, Meat×3.75, Red Cap×1.66, Green Cap×1.66, Blue Cap×1.66, Shroom Skin×1, Blueprint (rare)×2, Blue Spore / Green Spore / Red Spore×2.5
Misery Toadstool Misery Toadstool
Don't Starve Together icon
H 99999150, 175, 225, 3003.5, 3, 2.5, 20.6, 0.8, 1.2, 3.2 Frog Legs×1, Meat×3.75, Red Cap×1.66, Green Cap×1.66, Blue Cap×1.66, Shroom Skin×1, Blueprint (rare)×3, Blue Spore / Green Spore / Red Spore×2.5
Stalker minion1 Woven Shadow
Don't Starve Together icon
P 1 -40 3 3
Stalker minion2 Woven Shadow
Don't Starve Together icon
P 1 -40 1.5 1.5

HP = Health Points, Dmg = Damage dealt per hit, AP = Attack Period, IA = Insanity aura, WS = Walk Speed, RS = Run Speed.

Mob Interactions Edit

Aggro Table V1

Mob Chart

This chart details the outcome of hostility if one mob is to meet another, the left vertical side of the column are the "spotters", and the straight horizontal side are the "spotted". When a Spotter meets a Spotted, the interactions are detailed. Special thanks to Spazmatic on the Don't Starve Forums for providing the graph.

A Spreadsheet Table can be found here: The Aggro Table.

Hostile Creatures BatiliskCave SpiderClockwork Bishop (Damaged) • Clockwork Rook (Damaged) • Clockwork Knight (Damaged) • Dangling Depth DwellerDepths WormEwecusFrogGuardian PigGhostShadow CreatureHound (RedBlue) • Killer BeeLureplantMacTuskMermMosquitoSpiderSpider WarriorSpitterTallbirdTentacle (Big TentacleBaby Tentacle) • Wee MacTusk
(Varg Reign of Giants icon) (BirchnutterPoison Birchnut Tree Reign of Giants iconHamlet icon) (Crocodog (BlueYellow) • DragoonFloaty Boaty KnightFlupPirate GhostPoison MosquitoSnakePoison SnakeSea HoundSpider Warrior (Venomous)Stink RaySwordfishWhite Whale Shipwrecked icon) (Ancient SpiritGiant GrubGnat SwarmHanging VineIron HulkMantMasked PigPoison DartfrogScorpionSnaptoothSpider MonkeyVampire BatViperWeevole Hamlet icon) (Clay HoundClay VargCookie CutterGem DeerGrumble BeeHorror HoundLavaeMoonrock PengullShadow PiecesShattered Spider Don't Starve Together icon)
Boss Monsters Ancient GuardianDeerclopsSpider QueenTreeguard
(BeargerDragonflyMoose/Goose Reign of Giants icon) (QuackenSealnadoTiger Shark Shipwrecked icon) (Palm Treeguard Shipwrecked iconHamlet icon) (Ancient HeraldLarge Iron HulkQueen WomantPugalisk Hamlet icon) (Bee QueenKlausMalbatrossReanimated SkeletonToadstool Don't Starve Together icon)
Neutral Animals BeeBeefaloBunnyman (Beardlord) • KoalefantKrampusPengullPig (Werepig) • Rock LobsterSnurtleSlurtleSmallish TallbirdSplumonkey
(BuzzardCatcoonMoslingVolt Goat Reign of Giants icon) (Blue WhaleBottlenose BallphinPrime ApeWater BeefaloWildbore Shipwrecked icon) (Elder MandrakeHippopotamooseMantPikoPlatapinePog Hamlet icon) (GnarwailSaladmanderSkittersquid Don't Starve Together icon)
Passive Animals Baby BeefaloButterflyChesterCrowGobblerMandrakeRabbit (Beardling) • RedbirdSmallbirdSnowbird
(Glommer Reign of Giants icon) (Moleworm Reign of Giants iconHamlet icon) (CormorantCrabbit (Beardling) • DogfishDoydoyFishermermJellyfishPackim BaggimsParrot PirateRainbow JellyfishSeagullSealSharkittenWobster Shipwrecked icon) (ParrotToucan Shipwrecked iconHamlet icon) (Dung BeetleKingfisherPangoldenParrot (Blue)PeagawkPigeonRo BinThunderbird Hamlet icon) (CanaryCarratExtra-Adorable LavaeGrass GekkoHutchMoon MothNo-Eyed DeerPuffinWoven Shadow Don't Starve Together icon)
Traders Pig King
(Yaarctopus Shipwrecked icon) (BankerBeauticianCollectorEruditeFarmerFloristHatmakerHunterMinerMayor TrufflestonPig QueenProfessorShopkeepUsherWorker Hamlet icon) (Antlion Don't Starve Together icon)
Other AbigailCharlieMaxwell
(BFBMaxameleon Hamlet icon) (BernieCrittersGestalt Don't Starve Together icon)
The Forge Don't Starve Together icon Battlemaster PugnaBoarillaCrocommanderGrand Forge BoarriorInfernal SwineclopsMagma GolemPit PigRhinocebroScorpeonSnortoise
The Gorge Don't Starve Together icon BillyMumsyOld BeefaloPebble CrabPigeonPiptonSammySwamp PigSwamp Pig Elder

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