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This shop trades in local flora.


Miss Sow's Floral Arrangements is a naturally spawning Pig Shop Structure exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It is found in Swinesbury Pig City and sells a variety of Plants and Farming materials to the player.

If the player obtains the Key to the City, Miss Sow's Floral Arrangements also becomes craftable in the City Planning Tab using four Boards, 12 Petals and four Pig Skins.

Door (Ancient Pig Ruins Exit) Map Icon.png Interior[]

Upon entering Miss Sow's Floral Arrangements, the player will find a variety of Items that are sold in exchange for Oincs. A Florist Pig shopkeeper works at the desk.

The following items can be found on displays in the center of the shop which will be restocked by the shopkeeper:

Item Name Oinc.png
Dragon Fruit Seeds.png Dragon Fruit Seeds 10
Garland.png Garland 2
Berry Bush Item.png Berry Bush 2.png Berry Bush 2
Pumpkin Seeds.png Pumpkin Seeds 1
Pomegranate Seeds.png Pomegranate Seeds 1
Eggplant Seeds.png Eggplant Seeds 1
Durian Seeds.png Durian Seeds 1
Corn Seeds.png Corn Seeds 1
Watermelon Seeds.png Watermelon Seeds 1
Birchnut.png Birchnut 1
Pine Cone.png Pine Cone 1

Additionally, the following items can be bought from shelves which will not be restocked by the shopkeeper:

Item Name Oinc.png Amount
Seeds.png Seeds 1 4

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • Ms. Sow's Floral Arrangements could be a play on words based on the name and profession, a sow is a female pig and sowing seeds is the process of planting seeds.

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