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Rocks made of water.


Mini Glaciers are naturally occurring objects found in the Reign of Giants DLC. When mined, they will drop Ice and Rocks. Mini Glaciers are only at their fullest during the Winter and will begin to melt in the Spring. By Summer, all that will be left is a puddle of water, and the player will have to wait until Autumn for them to slowly begin to freeze again. If exposed to a heat source (such as a Campfire) Mini glaciers will melt, reducing down to the puddle state. Once the heat source is gone, and if the ambient temperature is low enough, the Mini Glacier will freeze again. It will return to the maximum state allowed by the current temperature. When mined, Mini Glaciers make a different sound from boulders.

Additionally, Mini Glaciers will appear next to Pengull breeding grounds during Winter, making them a renewable resource.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Don't Starve Together[]

In Don't Starve Together, Mini Glaciers do not drop Rocks when mined. It takes 3 hits from a Pickaxe to lower a Mini Glacier's stage and it drops 1-3 Ice every time its stage is lowered. The small Mini Glacier can only drop 1-2 Ice, while Medium and Large Mini Glacier can drop 1-3 Ice when they are mined. In addition, placing a campfire next to a melted mini glacier will eliminate the puddle.

Mini Glacier can be found in rocky biomes. These Mini Glaciers replenish at the same spot after summer. Mini Glacier can also be spawned by Pengulls. These Mini Glaciers disappear permanently in summer.

Mini Glacier takes 1-3 days to replenish a stage after it has been mined. The replenishment can happen during autumn or winter.