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For periodic Dry Season threat in Shipwrecked DLC, see Dragoon Egg.

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It's uh, a moon rock.


A Meteor is an object that falls from the sky within Rockyland biomes near the Mosaic biome in Don't Starve Together. It can cause 50 damage to the character when it hits the ground. A Meteor's shadow grows larger as it becomes closer, making it possible to avoid being hit.

A Meteor shadow.

A Moonrock boulder left after the impact.

When a Meteor crashes to the ground, the impact creates a crater, which looks like a dark scorch mark on the ground that fades away over time. If the Meteor isn't completely destroyed after the impact, it can drop some Rocks, Flint or leave behind a Boulder of the Rock, Flintless, or Meteor (or Moonrock) variant. A Suspicious Boulder may also be dropped from a Meteor once per world, from which a Celestial Orb can be mined. The Boulder can sometimes be partially destroyed, like those commonly seen in a Desert biome. The size of a crater depends on what is left behind. If the meteor was completely destroyed, leaving nothing behind, then the size of the crater will be small. If a Boulder was dropped, the size of the crater will be large.

On the main island, Meteor Showers are the only way of generating new Meteor Boulders (or Moonrock Boulders), acting as a renewable source of Moon Rocks on the surface. A small Meteor Shower will also trigger upon initiating the Celestial Champion fight after the Lunar Siphonator has been completed.

A meteor can act as an axe, shovel, pickaxe or hammer; a small meteor impact would equate to 1 swing from these tools to each object in the impact area, while a medium meteor would equate to 2 swings, and a large meteor would equate to 20 swings.

If a meteor collides with or near a structure, the structure will be destroyed. Some of the items used to craft the structure may be on the floor after the collision, but not all. Saplings or berry bushes damaged by a meteor usually leave behind the item version (such as after when dug with a shovel). If a meteor collides with a chest, all of the items inside will be thrown out (if hit many times, the chest will be destroyed, leaving boards behind). If a meteor collides with an item left on the ground, that item will be destroyed, leaving nothing behind. If a meteor collides with a tent that currently has a character sleeping inside, that character will immediately be woken up.

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