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  • You've been a nice pal on the wiki. Mind doing me a Flavor?
    ~Jand (4th Wall)

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    • Don't worry, I am. :3 If you ever need help moving pages, protecting pages, patrolling a user, deleting comments/pages, or anything like that, you can come to me for help. I'm almost always active. Somehow I'm active during school hours as well, that's a plus. I have a sleep schedule though, so I'm not active 24/7.
      In short, you can annoy me instead of Mr. KisE now.

      ~ ♚丁and♛ (4th Wall)

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    • I saw that! Great, you are one now. Cool.

      what do i say now

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    • An anonymous contributor
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  • Shadow Chester

    Welcome to Don't Starve Wiki, Shadyshads!
    Thanks for your edit in Don't Starve: Shipwrecked.

    Wait, I forgot to tell you...
    Placeholder New to wiki? You can learn how to edit in the help pages. Before high-risk editing, remember to practice in the Sandbox and make sure to read and follow the Manual of Style. Also don't break the Rules!
    Science Machine Have any questions? Feel free to leave a message to our admins / custodians. We also have an active forum to share your experience.
    Directional Sign Still confused? The community portal has all the resources you need so you will know how our wiki works. Also, check out recent changes or to do list to help us.
    Blueprint Uploading tips! If you want to improve the current version of an image, please upload a new version of the image, instead of uploading another image with a different name.
    Icon Books Editing tips! Keep strategy and tip sections to the minimum, you can create a guide page for comprehensive instructions instead. Also, please always use third person pronouns ("the player", "they", etc.) in articles (guides can be exceptions) to keep articles neutral and less instructional.

    Feel free to leave a message on my message wall if you have any inquiry. Thanks, and we hope you can enjoy your editing in Don't Starve game Wiki!

    Deiaa2002 (talk) 20:45, April 8, 2017 (UTC)
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    • Someone has used the reference tag without adding the "references/" tag (and from the source, it's all a joke at the end of the day). It's literally what it says: there is a reference tag, but the tag that adds the list of the references is not there.

      So, it's not related to you, no worries.

      About adding me on Steam, I tend to keep my friends list for real life friends and close friends only. You can use the live chat feature here to, as the name suggests, have a live chat. There should be a button on the right side to start one (it doesn't scroll along, so if you can't see it, scroll up). You can start one when you have something to ask and If I'm online, I'll join it!

      - Deiaa (Wall)

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    • Ok! Great! That'll work out!

      Thanks again! (I can't stop saying thanks dafuq)

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    • An anonymous contributor
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