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  • Thank you for contributing to the wiki!

    When adding a trivia piece to an article, please bear in mind to check its factuality and to ask yourself, if it really is worth mentioning specifically. Also, all examination quotes related trivia is supposed to go to the respective character's quote page instead of the feature article. You can easily find these pages by typing "<character name> quotes" in the search bar.

    For now, I had to revert several of your recent edits because of the reasons listed above.

    For future edits, you can always refer to the Wiki Rules and the Manual of Style. Also, if you're unsure what to do next, currently we are trying to keep track of the changes in the A New Reign beta branch of Don't Starve Together. On the single player side, there are a lot of article stubs for the Shipwrecked DLC left that could use expanding. You can find article stubs here Special:Recentchanges.

    Thanks! ;)

    - MMueck

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