• I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, North America, Earth, Solar System, Milky way, I probably have run out of space in the box by this point. Wow, never mind, this can get really big. I wonder how high the word cou
  • I was born on December 16
  • My occupation is Healer/DM
  • I am mail
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  • On tos, that's what happens when you ip ban ooga, marion, or tosfan. I get banned too because we are at school together

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  • wilson: idk

    willow: came to the don't starve world after 1920, probably stated the voxola fire

    wolfgang: was in the circus with wes, but is too stupid to remember (see the william carter puzzles and wolfgangs quotes on the maxwell statue)

    wendy: maxwell is her uncle

    abigale: probably killed by them, to stop maxwell from showing the codex umbra to jack

    WX-78: was built by robert wagstaf, and is a prototype, that he worked on in secret (winona's quotes on WX-78, WX-78's quote on fully fueled firepit)

    wikerbottom: was killed mysteriously, in the real world. the reason I belive is that she found a book writen by cyclum, like maxwell found metheus's book. the book had info on how to kill them, so they killed her. she was then revived by someone, posibly maxwell (see maxwell's quote on ghost wickerbottom)

    woodie: idk

    wigifrid: idk

    webber: is robert wagstaffs son (see webbers quotes on the old licence plate, divinig rod, and broken hairdryer)

    winona: idk

    Robert Wagstaff: probably jacks boss, as winonas description of wagstaff matches webbers description of his dad, and also matches jacks description of his boss

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    • I seriously doubt some of this. In fact, all of this is conjecture, not canon fact.

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    • I have proof.

      read the qoutes on the old licence plate trinket and broken hairdryer trinket. some of them know what they are, which means they must have been in our world at the time of its invention.

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    • Again, is any of this directly stated? Any of it? 

      Please give the proof here.

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    • All of this, while interesting, is purely conjecture.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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