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  • I've noticed you were trying to fix up the candidates for deletion.

    I know what you're trying to do and what you're thinking; don't worry, they will disappear once we get new admins as we have no active admins.

    You can vote here:

    Happy voting!

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    • Well, I thought that the admin situation might take some time to sort out, so I was just temporarilaly fixing up the Fairy ring page until we got this fixed up, because I didn't want some random guy to visit this wiki, go look at that page for whatever reason, and then say "Hey! The people on this wiki use bad grammar! I don't want to use this wiki!".

      Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


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    • Exactly what I thought you were doing. :D

      Also, no worries, you did nothing wrong.

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  • Gears This is an automated message.

    Welcome to Don't Starve game Wiki!

    Hello , thanks for your edit to the Door page. We hope you will continue contributing constructively!

    Wait, I forgot to tell you...

    • Always make sure your additions are factual, not subjective, and don't contain instructional language or speculation. If in doubt, just ask!
    • Keep strategy and tip sections to the minimum and help us rewrite excessively long ones. We have a Guides page for comprehensive instructions instead.
    • Don't upload images randomly. If you want to improve the current version, please upload a new version of the image, instead of uploading another image with different name.
    • Don't use second person pronouns ("you", "your", etc.), instead use third person ("the player", singular "they", etc.) and help us write neutral articles without them.
    • Read the Rules and Manual of Style

    Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything. Thanks! D4NF3RR15 (talk) 14:29, August 26, 2015 (UTC)

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