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The World Map.

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The Map is used to help navigate the islands of the The Constant. Nearly all resources such as Plants, Boulders, and Beehives show up as icons on the Map. Different terrain types (often called Biomes) are clearly outlined, along with water. The Map shows Roads and Trails, as well as world objects such as the Wooden Thing or Maxwell's Door and built/crafted objects such as Backpacks and Farms. The map can be zoomed in for better detail, or out to see the entire world. The map is brought to view by pressing TAB. Pressing TAB again closes the map. On the PS4, the map can be opened by clicking the touch pad. On the Wii U, the map can be dragged onto the gamepad. On the Switch, the map can be opened with -, and closed again by pressing B.


When a world is first generated, the Map will be black except for the area immediately surrounding the character. As the world is explored, the map will be filled in. Generally, everything that can be seen on the screen will be added to the map as it comes into view, except for the corners which are slightly out of range. To be sure something is added, try to get at least half a screen away from it.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Don't Starve Together[]

A Map Scroll.

In Don't Starve Together, there are several objects that feature a global Map icon that can always be seen all players, even in areas that have not been explored yet. These include Moonlenses and all Structures crafted with them, Moon Dial, Ocuvigil and The Lazy Deserter. In case of the Celestial Orb, the icon is even visible on the Map while the item is in a player's Inventory or in a container. Any player equipping a Compass in the hand slot will also be globally visible on the Map. The Ocuvigil serves an additional function by revealing the Fog of War in the area around it for all players.

Using the Cartographer's Desk, players can craft a Map Scroll which stores their Map exploration progress on the time of the Scroll's creation. It can then be read be other players to add the knowledge to their exploration progress.

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