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Manure is a resource used for fertilizing planted crops. It stacks to 20 in the inventory and does not spoil over time. Manure is a renewable resource in that it is generated by several creatures in the world. Including PigsPengulls, Koalefant, and Beefalo.


Manure is required to craft the Basic Farm and Improved Farm. Once these have been built, Manure can also be used to fertilize the vegetables they produce and make them grow faster. Manure is also required to fertilize Grass Tufts or Berry Bushes after they have been dug up with a shovel and replanted.

Manure can also be used as fuel in Campfire or Fire Pits. It will burn for 90 seconds and releases a gas cloud when burned, which is only for humorous reasons.

Beefalo farming is one of the easiest methods of staying alive in Don't Starve, as the manure produced by beefalos can be used to grow crops for food and any leftover manure can be used in a firepit, which stops the player wasting time collecting wood during the day.

Manure works the same way as Guano, with the exception being that Guano makes a better fetilization tool.

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Manure can most easily be gathered near Beefalo herds, typically found in Savanna biomes . Each Beefalo (adult or Baby) randomly drops Manure as they roam around the map. A herd of only 3 Beefalo can easily provide over 10 units of Manure per day.

Manure can also be generated by Pigs. When a Pig is fed vegetables, petals or Berries, they will drop Manure. Pigs will refuse more than one of these foods at a time, but change their minds only a minute later. Feeding each Pig in a Village in turn will provide enough delay for previously fed Pigs to accept Manure-producing foods again. OR try this method - click on Manure-producing foods in your inventory and then repeatedly click on a pig. If you are fast enough, you can feed a pig a whole stack of Manure-producing food and the pig will quickly produce many piles of Manure.

Additionally, when Pigs transform into Werepigs they will eat stacks of these foods off the ground and quickly produce manure for each one consumed. Players can collect 40 Petals and give 4 Monster Meat to turn a normal Pig into a Werepig. Then drop the petals in front of it. It will stop and eat the petals, giving 40 Manure in a short time. After that, players may also kill the Werepigs and obtain some Meat.

Koalefants also drop manure similar to Beefalo; however, as only one Koalefant spawns at a time, it is less efficient to gather from them.

Pengulls produce small M​anure, around half the size of regular Manure (produced by BeefaloKoalefants etc.), yet this is counted as regular Manure, and not a seperate item.

Another way of gathering manure is to jail the beefalo, with walls, so after 5 days open the jail and collect the manure.


• When feeding pigs, if a stack of items is selected from the hotbar, clicked on a pig (who is hungry enough to accept food) from a distance, and then placed into a backpack before the player character reaches the pig, then the pig will instantly take the entire stack of items and slowly eat them, producing manure at a very fast rate. This is a very easy way of collecting large quantities of manure very quickly using only one pig and food accepted by pigs.

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