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<gallery captionalign="center">
Mangrove Biome.png|A mangrove tree.
Mangrove Biome.png|A mangrove tree.
Brainy Sprout in Mangrove Biome.png|A [[Brainy Sprout]] in a [[Mangrove Biome]]

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Mangroves are a Biome found in the Shipwrecked DLC.

It is characterized by water covering a green terrain texture. It is considered an island biome, but the player must be on a boat or raft to navigate it. Both Grass and Mangrove Trees grow on this terrain. Water Beefalo are usually found in or around this biome. The Grass Tufts and Mangrove Trees that grow there can only be accessed by boat.

The Grass growing in Mangrove Biomes will not wilt down during Dry Season.

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