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{{Mob Infobox
|name = Mandrake
|image = File:Mandrake Mob.png
|imagewidth = 100
|health = 20
|walkSpeed = 6
|runSpeed = 6
|drops = [[File:Mandrake.png|24px|link=Mandrake]]
|spawnCode = "mandrake"
|specialAbility = Follows the player when picked at dusk/night
{{Food Infobox
|Box title = Mandrake / Cooked Mandrake
|image = Mandrake
|image2 = Cooked Mandrake
|health1 = 60
|health2 = 100
|hunger1 = 75
|hunger2 = 150
|sanity1 = 0
|sanity2 = 0
|spoil1 = Does Not Spoil
|spoil2 = Does Not Spoil
|stacklimit1 = 40
|stacklimit2 = 40
|droppedBy = {{pic|40|Mandrake Mob|Mandrake}}
|spawnCode1 = "mandrake"
|spawnCode2 = "cookedmandrake"
{{Quote|Oh shut UP, will you?|Maxwell}}
A '''Mandrake''' is a very rare, passive [[Mob]] found in [[Grassland]]s and [[Cave]]s. On average, only 2-5 Mandrake will spawn per world. They often spawn together in the same area, so finding one will usually result in finding them all. Mandrake can be used to make the [[Pan Flute]]. They can also be used to make [[Mandrake Soup]] in a [[Crock Pot]].
When picked at [[Day-Night Cycle|dusk]] or night (or when underground), it will turn into a living Mandrake, following the player around and constantly making noise until morning, after which it will replant itself on the spot. When picked during the day, it will die instantly and can be obtained as an item. The Mandrake cannot be replanted and is unable to be fed to an [[Birdcage|"imprisoned" bird]]. There are also no "Mandrake Seeds" in the game, so it cannot be farmed or reproduced.
With normal damage modifiers, it takes one hit from a [[Spear]] to kill a Mandrake (any version of an [[Axe]] or [[Pickaxe]] will do the same).
== Food ==
Raw or Cooked Mandrake does not spoil. Raw Mandrake heals 60 Health and 75 Hunger when eaten, and puts the player and all nearby [[Mobs]] to sleep (until the next cycle of the day; from dusk until night, from night until daytime, from daytime until dusk).
[[Cooking]] a Mandrake will also put the player to sleep. Eating a Cooked Mandrake restores 100 Health and 150 Hunger, as well as putting the player and all nearby Mobs to sleep. Eating Mandrake Soup restores 100 Health, 150 Hunger, and 5 Sanity, but does not put the player to sleep.
[[Pig]]s, [[Gobbler]]s, and [[Pengull]]s will eat Cooked Mandrakes left on the ground, putting themselves and all nearby Mobs to sleep until the start of the next day (no matter what time it is). Raw Mandrakes will not put the player to sleep. Pigs will also produce [[Manure]] (as they would with other [[Vegetable]]), if Mandrake is eaten. Gobblers will eat Mandrakes that are still planted in the ground, putting all nearby Mobs to sleep (except the player).
== Behavior ==
When picked, rooted Mandrakes will follow the player (through [[Wormhole]]s as well), hopping around and making a lot of noise. Like most followers, they will back away when the player gets too close. If the Mandrake is attacked, they will run away from the player indefinitely.
== {{pic|32|Icon Tools}} Usage ==
|item = Mandrake
|fire = yes
|result = Cooked Mandrake
|note = Will put the player to sleep.
|item1 = Mandrake
|item2 = Filler
|item3 = Filler
|item4 = Filler
|pot = yes
|result = Mandrake Soup
|item1 = Cut Reeds
|count1 = 5
|item2 = Rope
|item3 = Mandrake
|Magic 1 = yes
|result = Pan Flute
|item = Cooked Mandrake
|manure = yes
|result = Manure
|note = Will put all nearby Mobs to sleep. Cannot be given directly.
== Tips ==
* The Mandrake's sleep effect can be used to skip difficult times of the game (such as Winter). Mandrakes cause the player to sleep for 0.75 days when cooked and 1 day when eaten, so 3 Mandrakes will result in skipping around 5 days.
== {{pic|32|Placeholder}} Trivia ==
* Live Mandrakes can be eaten by Pengulls and [[Pig#Werepig|Werepigs]], which will still trigger the sleep effects.
* The Mandrake (raw and cooked) is one of the few foods in the game that do not spoil, along with raw [[Tallbird Egg]], [[Guardian's Horn]], and [[Deerclops Eyeball]]. However, Mandrake Soup will spoil.
* [[Ghost]]s will often float above Mandrakes.
* The [[Wikipedia:Mandrake (plant)#Magic.2C spells.2C and witchcraft|Mandrake]] is a real plant that was surrounded in myth in European folklore. Its roots can bear a vaguely human shape and was said to scream when uprooted.
== {{pic|32|Mosquito}} Bugs ==
* Even though Mandrakes are flammable, they will not turn to [[Ash]] when killed with a [[Blow Dart#Fire Dart|Fire Dart]].
* (PC) When the player picks up a Mandrake using the Spacebar, the Mandrake can be planted again, but if the player tries to pick the Mandrake when it has been replanted, the character will start to shake out of control upon attempting and will be unable to interact with the Mandrake again.
* (PC) Mandrakes spawned into the player's inventory can be replanted when 'dropped' on the ground.
== {{Pic|32|Gold Nugget}} Gallery ==
<gallery captionalign="center">
different mandrakes.png|Dead, planted, and recently deceased Mandrakes.
Mandrakes Jumping.png|Two hopping Mandrakes.
Mandrake in cave.jpg|A Mandrake found underground.
full gang.png|Three mandrakes following Wilson.
Mandrake mid-hop.jpg|A Mandrake mid-hop.
{{Naturally Spawning Objects}}
{{Edible Items|vegetable}}
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