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Something about this place has made the creature go quite wrong.

Wickerbottom, when examining a Moonrock Pengull.

The Lunar Island is a unique area exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them. It is a remote island located far out into the Ocean and accessible only by Boat or Woodie's goose form. As soon as the player steps onto the island, a special effect will apply that replaces the player's Sanity with an Enlightenment meter.

The Lunar Island consists of five different Biomes:

Gestalts can be found commonly on the island. When a Hound is killed on the Lunar Island, it has a chance to become a Horror Hound. Moonrock Pengulls will spawn on the island during the Winter, like normal Pengulls do on the mainland.

Prototype.png Tips[]

  • To find the Lunar Island, look for a part of the map's edge that looks like a horseshoe, the edges of the horseshoe should be cut off, then sail perpendicular to the inner part of the horseshoe to find the Lunar Island.
  • There are no Sea Stacks or deep water between the main island and the Lunar Island.
  • Woodie's Weregoose form is a viable option for finding the Lunar Island.
  • When playing as Wortox, planting Flowers at the Lunar Island, and then farming the resulting Butterflies for their drops is a good way to keep Wortox fed and lower Enlightenment while on the island.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • The Lunar Island was introduced in the Turn of Tides update.
  • The Lunar Island is a piece of the Constant's moon fallen into the Ocean. This was originally teased with Wickerbottom's quote for the "Moon" Figure[1] and was later confirmed in the release trailer for Turn Of Tides.

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  1. Wickerbottom quotes, "Moon" Figure: "The missing chunk is a recent development."