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The Lost Relics are Items exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. The Lost Idol, Lost Totem and Relic Fragment can be found in various locations while exploring the world, and can be sold for a Tenpiece Oinc. None of the relics stack in the player's Inventory. Lost Relics sink in water and become Sunken Object.

Lost Idol, Lost Totem and Relic Fragment are renewable since Peculiar Object are renewable as well. However, Blue Sow, Jeweled Truffle, Royal Crown and Royal Scepter are irreplaceable.

The Blue Sow and The Jewelled Truffle can only be found in a room of an Ancient Pig Ruins that leads to another island, found in the ruins to the third and second islands respectively. The room will be filled with pressure plates that trigger dart traps, being fully illuminated during the day. The Regal Scepter can be found on the BFB island, and the Royal Crown is dropped by the Queen Womant (returning the crown to Queen Malfalfa will unlock Wilba for players who have not yet unlocked her). Attempting to sell any of these relics to any trader other than the Pig Queen will result in rejection and one of the following comments:


A player can give any and all of them to the Queen for a Royal Gallery Key, which will allow players to take one rare item (the Can of Silly String, which can be used to make the Skyworthy, the Key to the City, which allows players to build their own Hamlet structures, or Executive Hammer, which is the only way to destroy Hamlet structures).

Can be found Can be sold to

Lost Idol.png Lost Idol[edit | edit source]

Wendy Portrait.png
Everything is lost to time, eventually.


The Lost Idol can be found atop a Tempting Idol statue. Its spawn code is "relic_1".

Lost Idol.png
Pig Professor.png
Tenpiece Oinc.png

Lost Totem.png Lost Totem[edit | edit source]

Wickerbottom Portrait.png
I must return it to the pigs.


The Lost Totem can be found atop an Eroding Totem. Its spawn code is "relic_2".

Lost Totem.png
Pig Professor.png
Tenpiece Oinc.png

Relic Fragment.png Relic Fragment[edit | edit source]

Wigfrid Portrait.png
A gift för the pigs, bestöwed by the göds.


The Relic Fragment is the nose of a Crumbling Visage. Its spawn code is "relic_3".

Relic Fragment.png
Pig Professor.png
Tenpiece Oinc.png

The Blue Sow.png The Blue Sow[edit | edit source]

Wilba Portrait.png


The Blue Sow is a rare relic that can be exchanged for a Royal Gallery Key with the Pig Queen. It can be found in the Ancient Pig Ruins that leads to the Fountain of Youth.

Its spawn code is "relic_4".

The Blue Sow.png
Pig Queen.png
Royal Gallery Key.png

The Jeweled Truffle.png The Jeweled Truffle[edit | edit source]

Warly Portrait.png
If only it were a real truffle.


The Jeweled Truffle is a rare relic that can be exchanged for Royal Gallery Key with Pig Queen. The Jeweled Truffle can be found in Ancient Pig Ruins that leads to the Palace.

Its spawn code is "relic_5".

The Jeweled Truffle.png
Pig Queen.png
Royal Gallery Key.png

Placeholder.png Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to the Aporkalypse update, the Blue Sow and Jeweled Truffle were unnamed relics that could be spawned in and traded with the Pig Collector for a Tenpiece Oinc.
  • Aside from the Pig Queen, Wilba, before being unlocked as a playable character, is the only other character that will accept both the Blue Sow and Jeweled Truffle; however, she will not reward the player for either relic.

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