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The log is a basic building material that is used for many things in the game, so they should be aquired quite early on. Logs can be refined to become Planks which open up for more complex building opportunities.

Logs are dropped from trees upon the cutting of a tree with an Axe, along with pinecones depending on the size of the tree. The larger the tree, the more Logs dropped.

There are three sizes of tree, yeilding 1,2 or 3 logs, and the stumps can be dug using a Shovel to get one extra log. Spiky trees can also be cut with a small chance of getting a log, also give a log when dug.

32 logs will fit in a single inventory slot.

Logs are used for making:

Item Logs Other
Campfire 2 3 Cut grass
Firepit 2 12 Rocks
Speedy farmplot 4 8 Cut grass, 4 Manure
Logsuit 8 4 Rope
Boards 4 N/A
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