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The Lavae Tooth is an item exclusive to Don't Starve Together. Once a Lavae Egg hatches, it will yield a Lavae Tooth and an Extra-Adorable Lavae. The Extra-Adorable Lavae, will follow the Lavae Tooth that spawned from the same egg, much like Chester and his Eye Bone and Glommer with its Flower.

Dropping the Tooth on the ground or leaving it in a stationary container will cause the Extra Adorable Lavae to stay by that location. The Extra Adorable Lavae will produce light and heat, which can cause Overheating or ignite nearby objects on fire. The Extra Adorable Lavae can also be used to cook food.

If the Extra Adorable Lavae dies, the Lavae Tooth will turn to Ashes.

Prototype Tips

  • Lavae Eggs can be obtained by killing the Dragonfly. They will hatch after leaving them near a constant heat source for 2 days.
  • If Krampus steals this item, the Extra Adorable Lavae will start to follow Krampus.
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