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The Lavae is a mob added into the Reign of Giants official release of Don't Starve Together Beta. It has 250 health and spawns from the Dragonfly. You must hold onto the Lavae Tooth for the Lavae to follow you.
File:Lavae awake.jpg
Anything that comes into direct contact with or is next to a Lavae, it will burst into flame.

If the Lavae freezes, it will die and drop 1-5 rocks. Be sure to keep a dragonfly around, but not too close or this will become a major threat to the player.

Killing the Lavae will leave ashes from its burnt drop, making it easier to get the dragonfly back to sleep.

Mosquito Bugs

  • Lavae will lose interest in a player who travels through a worm hole, and will not reacquire a new target until attacked by a player again.
  • Lavae will not target AI even if attacked.
  • Lavae bug out campfires that they light, resulting in permanent fires until server restart.
  • A Debug-spawned Lavae will not attack the player in many cases.
  • You must spawn the Lavae Egg due to the Lavae Tooth needed for the Lavae to follow you.
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