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|Box title = Lavae
Lavae/Extra-Adorable Lavae|Extra-Adorable Lavae
|image = File:Lavae.png
|imagewidth = 128px
|Row 1 title = [[Health]]
|Row 1 info = 250
|Row 2 title = [[Mobs#Mobs Characteristics|Damage]]
|Row 2 info = 50 <br> Fire Damage
|Row 3 title = Special Ability
|Row 3 info = Sets anything near it on fire and deals constant fire damage to anything nearby.
|Row 4 title = [[Mobs#Mobs Characteristics|Loot]]
|Row 4 info = 1-5 Rocks(If frozen)
|Row 5 title = [[Console|DebugSpawn]]
|Row 5 info = "lavae"|Row 6 title = Spawns from|Row 6 info =}}
The '''Lavae''' is a mob added into the ''[[Reign of Giants]]'' official release of [[Don't Starve Together|Don't Starve Together Beta]]. It has 250 health and spawns from the [[Dragonfly]]. You must hold onto the [[Lavae Tooth]] for the Lavae to follow you.[[File:Lavae_awake.jpg|frame|left|Lavae and its Egg Tooth.]] Anything that comes into direct contact with or is next to a Lavae, it will burst into flame.
If the Lavae freezes, it will die and drop 1-5 rocks. Be sure to keep a dragonfly around, but not too close or this will become a major threat to the player.
Killing the Lavae will leave ashes from its burnt drop, making it easier to get the dragonfly back to sleep.
== {{pic|32|Mosquito}} Bugs ==
*Lavae will lose interest in a player who travels through a worm hole, and will not reacquire a new target until attacked by a player again.
*Lavae will not target AI even if attacked.
*Lavae bug out campfires that they light, resulting in permanent fires until server restart.
*A Debug-spawned Lavae will not attack the player in many cases.
*You must spawn the Lavae Egg due to the Lavae Tooth needed for the Lavae to follow you.
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