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{{Stub}}{{DST Exclusive}}
|Box title = Lavae
Lavae/Extra-Adorable Lavae|Extra-Adorable Lavae
|image = File:Lavae.png
|imagewidth = 128px
|Row 1 title = [[Health]]
|Row 1 info = 500
|Row 2 title = [[Mobs#Mobs Characteristics|Damage]]
|Row 2 info = 50 <br> Fire Damage
|Row 3 title = Special Ability
|Row 3 info = Sets anything near it on fire and deals constant fire damage to anything nearby.
|Row 4 title = [[Mobs#Mobs Characteristics|Loot]]
|Row 4 info = 1-5 Rocks(If frozen)
|Row 5 title = [[Console|DebugSpawn]]
|Row 5 info = "lavae"
|Row 6 title = Spawns from
|Row 6 info = [[file:Dragonfly.png|30px|link=Dragonfly]]}}
{{Quote|Why can't we be friends?|Willow}}
The '''Lavae''' is a mob added into the ''[[Reign of Giants]]'' official release of [[Don't Starve Together|Don't Starve Together Beta]]. It has 500 health and spawns from the [[Dragonfly]]. Anything that comes into direct contact with or is next to a Lavae will burst into flames, including the player.
Killing the Lavae will leave ashes from its burnt drop, making it easier to get the dragonfly back to sleep.
The lavae dies when it is frozen, dropping 1-5 rocks upon death. Freezing is the easiest way to kill Lavae. It takes three hits with the [[Ice Staff]] to be frozen.
== {{pic|32|Mosquito}} Bugs ==
*Lavae will lose interest in a player who travels through a worm hole, and will not reacquire a new target until attacked by a player again.
*Lavae will not target AI even if attacked.
*Lavae bug out campfires that they light, resulting in permanent fires until server restart.
*A Debug-spawned Lavae will not attack the player and despawn after doing a backflip.
<gallery navigation="true">
Spitterspawner.JPG|Dragonfly spawning a Lavae
Attack.JPG|Willow being attacked by the Dragonfly and Lavae. Notice the Lavae missing his attack and doing a faceplant underneath the Dragonfly's right eye.
Lots.JPG|Lots of Lavae
Lavaeparade.JPG|Lavae following the Dragonfly that spawned them.
Size.JPG|Difference in size betweed the Lavae (right) and the [[Extra-Adorable Lavae]] (left)|link=Extra-Adorable Lavae
Frozenlavae.JPG|A Lavae after being frozen.
Despawnhop.JPG|Lavae despawning after their Dragonfly has been killed.
[[Category:Articles need revision]]
[[Category:Articles need revision]]
[[Category:Don't Starve Together]]
[[Category:Don't Starve Together]]

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