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Lava Pools are created when Dragoon Eggs hit land during Volcano eruptions in the Dry Season of the Shipwrecked DLC. They create light and heat while they are burning. They can ignite nearby objects and cause Overheating. They can also be used to cook Food items while they are burning. After burning 75% of the total dusk and night time, they will run out on their own. They cannot be refueled to make them last longer. If they are let to run out, they will drop 2 Rocks, 2 Ashes, and 1 Charcoal. Otherwise, they can be extinguished directly with Ice (but not Hail or other fire extinguishers), and will yield 1 Obsidian instead.

Lava Pools will also be extinguished by Floods.

Hamlet icon.png Hamlet[]

Lava Pools are also included in the Hamlet DLC. They can be spawned by Ancient Herald during the Aporkalypse.