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Holds more supplies but weighs less than a backpack. It defies all known laws of physics!


The Krampus Sack is a Backpack item. It is an extremely rare drop from Krampus, with only a 1% chance to drop. In Don't Starve Together, it has a 10% chance to drop from bundled supplies received from Klaus's Loot Stash.

A Krampus Sack has 14 inventory slots, 6 more than a Backpack and 2 more than a Piggyback. It cannot be placed in the player's inventory or in Chests, it doesn't sink in water, and it can't be lit on fire.

Even though the importance of only two extra slots may be minimal, the Krampus Sack doesn't slow the player down like the Piggyback does, making it a much better alternative. However, with a lowly 1% drop rate and a significant time investment to spawn a Krampus, it should be said that during any given game it's possible that the player might spend more time trying to get the item than would be saved by walking slower with the Piggyback. It may be better to ultimately treat the Krampus Sack as an unexpected bonus and/or something to only strive for in one's spare time.

Prototype.png Tips[]

  • A quick way to spawn Krampus is by killing a Glommer, so players should take advantage of every full moon cycle to retrieve the Glommer's Flower and kill the Glommer in an area where any spawned Krampus will quickly die. Neutral mobs will be aggressive towards Krampus, so a Pig or Bunnyman village would be an ideal location to kill a Glommer. Tooth Traps work as well, but because Krampus might steal the traps instead of setting them off, it is a good idea to build traps around a chest, then put something common into that chest and spawn Krampus.
    • This process can be sped up significantly in Don't Starve Together by saving right before killing the Glommer and rollbacking the server if none of the Krampii drop a sack. It must be noted that the player must load a rollback from the server menu rather than the in-game options, or else repeatedly loading a rollback can cause the game to always load the previous one.
  • When Moonstorm is active, every day will be full moon, this means players can kill Glommer every day to farm Krampus.
    • If done consistently for entire an entire year (base settings at 70 days total) you approximately have a 50.516% chance of getting at least 1 Krampus Sack in said year.
  • In the Hamlet DLC, spawning Krampii can be easily achieved by building and robbing banks (Town House). One might want to use a Pan Flute to put the banker to sleep, and grab his items. The player should build a new bank, and repeat the process. Two bank heists will result in a Krampus spawn.
  • In Don't Starve Together, with the combination of spawning two Krampii and the 10% chance from the Loot Stash, fighting Klaus every year has about an 11.791% chance of getting at least one Krampus sack, being one of the better methods of getting one without rollbacks.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Skins[]

Glommer.png Main article: Belongings#Krampus_Sack

In Don't Starve Together, Skins can be applied to certain items to change their appearance. Information on how to obtain specific skins can be found on the Belongings page.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • The Krampus Sack was added in the Naughty and Nice update. Before the Underground update, the Krampus Sack didn't appear as an icon on the map.
  • When Krampus wears the Krampus Sack, there are no chains surrounding the Sack, while the item obtained from killing Krampus has two chains draped across it. When worn, a faint jingling sound from the chains can be heard while the player is moving.

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