Wilson Portrait
What on earth is that thing!


Willow Portrait
A lump of coal would be really useful, actually!


Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang is not naughty! He is MIGHTY!


Wendy Portrait
I see him when I'm sleeping...


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
It employs a powerful olfactory sense to locate prey.


Woodie Portrait
Thing's got no eyes, eh?


Waxwell Portrait
My, what a magnificently horrific creature.


Wigfrid Portrait
I shall free thy deer this day!


Webber Portrait
That meanie imprisoned those deer!


Warly Portrait
He doesn't look very jolly.


Wormwood Portrait
Hello!... Friend?


Winona Portrait
Get out of here ya big creep.


Wortox Portrait
Are we not brethren?


Wurt Portrait
You have presents for me?


Walter Portrait
Woah! Who are you?


Wilson Portrait
Its chains came off!

Wilson, When Klaus enters his second phase.

Willow Portrait
Why couldn't it just stay dead?!

Willow, When Klaus enters his second phase.

Wolfgang Portrait
Do not hold back! Wolfgang can take you!

Wolfgang, When Klaus enters his second phase.

Wendy Portrait
The beast returns unchained.

Wendy, When Klaus enters his second phase.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, When Klaus enters his second phase.

Wickerbottom Portrait
Whatever enchantment restrained it has been undone.

Wickerbottom, When Klaus enters his second phase.

Woodie Portrait
You shoulda stayed down.

Woodie, When Klaus enters his second phase.

Waxwell Portrait
Its true power has been unlocked!

Maxwell, When Klaus enters his second phase.

Wigfrid Portrait
Nöw the true battle begins!

Wigfrid, When Klaus enters his second phase.

Webber Portrait
Its belly looks hungry!

Webber, When Klaus enters his second phase.

Warly Portrait
Its shackles fell away!

Warly, When Klaus enters his second phase.

Wormwood Portrait
Ahg! Scary belly mouth!

Wormwood, When Klaus enters his second phase.

Winona Portrait
The mitts are coming off!

Winona, When Klaus enters his second phase.

Wortox Portrait
Shall we dance?

Wortox, When Klaus enters his second phase.

Wurt Portrait
GLOOOORP!! Belly has teeth!

Wurt, When Klaus enters his second phase.

Walter Portrait
Maybe he'll feel better with that chain gone.

Walter, When Klaus enters his second phase.

Klaus is a Boss Monster exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign. He resembles a larger version of Krampus. He spawns after a player puts a Deer Antler in a Loot Stash, which will return Bone Shards due to it being an incorrect key. He spawns with one red and one blue Gem Deer. Killing any of these deers, or if they are away by 30 units, will enrage him, increasing his damage, health by x2.744, takes 64% less incoming damage, and increases his size. He is also able to spawn 2-6 Krampii during the fight. Using the Telelocator Staff on him is not a viable way of isolating him from his Deer, as he will get enraged when separated from them even if they are still alive.

After killing him, he will be revived, losing the chains around his body, allowing a large mouth from his stomach to gain a new long-ranged "chomp" attack.

Once he's killed again, he will drop Charcoal, a Monster Meat, and a Stag Antler which is the proper key to use on the Loot Stash. Opening the Loot Stash will yield 4 Bundled Supplies. If the Gem Deer are still alive when he's killed, they will turn into normal No-Eyed Deer, dropping their corresponding gem. It is worth noting that during Winter's Feast, Klaus is present year around, and no longer provides bundled supplies, instead 6 gift boxes.

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • Klaus was introduced in the Winter's Feast update, alongside the Event of the same name.
  • During the Winter's Feast event Klaus has a slightly different appearance. His horns turn white with red stripes, and his chains are golden.
  • The name Klaus is a short form of Nikolaus, referring to Saint Nicholas, the historical origin of Santa Claus.
  • Even though he is blind due to his eyes sewn together into a single large "X" shape, it is possible that Klaus has a keen sense of smell to track down the player. This is supported by Klaus occasionally attempting to "Sniff out" the player. This is also confirmed by Wickerbottom's examination quote.
  • Klaus is the first boss to have two different boss battle themes, the second being the Ancient Fuelweaver. Its second theme plays when Woven Shadows are being summoned.
  • When preparing for the "chomp attack", Klaus looks a bit similar to The Screecher, a creature from the horror mod of the same name made by Klei Entertainment.
  • When put to sleep, Klaus covers his eyes for some reason.
  • Klaus seems to be wearing the old version of the Life Giving Amulet, as evidenced by its octagonal shape.

Blueprint GalleryEdit

Gramophone SoundsEdit

Klaus' battle theme during the first stage of the fight.
Klaus' battle theme during the second stage of the fight.
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