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The King of the Merms is a Mob exclusive to the Don't Starve Together character Wurt.

The King of the Merms appears after feeding a Merm on the Royal Tapestry. He has 1000 Health and regenerates 2 Health Meter.png per second. He cannot attack or move but he spawns up to 4 Loyal Merm Guards when King's health drops below 75% that disappear when the attacker is killed or out of range. When killed, they regenerate after 1 day.

Upon spawning he has 50 Hunger, then he can be fed up to 200 maximum hunger using the same set of Foods that Wurt eats. Hunger drain is 50 per day. When his hunger reaches zero, his health will deplete in 2 days.

As long as the King of the Merms is alive, all Merms receive a stat boost. Wurt players change stats to 250 Health, 250 Hunger and 200 Sanity corresponding of a bonus of +100 Health Meter.png, +50 Hunger Meter.png and +50 Sanity Meter.png. Normal Merms gain +60 Health Meter.png and +10 damage. Loyal Merm Guards gain +460 Health and +30 damage.

When the King of the Merms is alive, Merms and Loyal Merm Guards are neutral to all creatures and players.

Wurt or a player wearing a Clever Disguise can offer Freshwater Fish, Live Eel or Ocean Fishes to the King of the Merms in exchange for various resources. The table below lists the possible gifts.

King of the Merms Gifts
Chance Item(s)
29% Kelp Fronds.png×2-4
14% Seeds.png×4-6
14% Rot.png×2-4
14% Tentacle Spots.png×1

2-4 of (Seeds.png67%, Kelp Fronds.png16%, Rot.png16%)

14% 1 of (Dessicated Tentacle.png, Gord's Knot.png, Air Unfreshener.png, Bent Spork.png, Gnome.png)

2-4 of (Seeds.png67%, Kelp Fronds.png16%, Rot.png16%)

14% 1-2 of (Brittle Seed Pods.png, Swirly Seeds.png, Sharp Seeds.png, Pointy Seeds.png, Seed Pods.png, Lumpy Seeds.png)*

2-4 of (Seeds.png67%, Kelp Fronds.png16%, Rot.png16%)

* Seeds correspond to Durian.png, Eggplant.png, Pumpkin.png, Onion.png, Garlic.png and Pepper.png.

Gramophone.pngQuotes[edit | edit source]

King of the Merms talks depending on his hunger

Hunger Meter.png = 0
Hunger Meter.png < 20
Treachery... villainy! To let King waste away like this...
Hunger Meter.png < 50
What take so long? Make offerings to your King!
Hunger Meter.png < 100
King desires food!
Hunger Meter.png < 190
King feeling a bit peckish...
Hunger Meter.png ≥ 190
Have done well. Now go.

Placeholder.png Trivia[edit | edit source]

Prototype.png Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Since the King of the Merms doesn't eat Meat but eats Crock Pot meals (much like Wurt), it's a good idea to check out the food-related Tips on Wurt's page for things to feed him with.
  • The King of the Merms doesn't receive changes in Sanity and Health from the food he eats. As a result, he's a good "trash can" for disposing of stale and spoiled foods.
    • However, the eating animation is much slower than the players', making him subpar for disposing of extra seeds from farming or foraging.
  • As ponds are commonly found in swamps, it usually suffices to just catch the fish on site instead of bringing it from the player's base to the KotM.

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