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Items are anything in the world of Don't Starve which can be picked up and carried around (as opposed to objects, which are stationary). Items can be found by foraging, mining, farming, fishing or killing mobs, except for a select few which are character-specific items. (Some found below) Most items have a specific function, which makes them unique; Food items restore Hunger. Clothing provides warmth, protects against damage and can boost Sanity. Other items can be used for Crafting.

Below is a list of items, which includes how the item is used, how the item is obtained, and what the item stacks to. Generally, small items can stack to 40, medium-sized items can stack to 20 and large sized items can only stack to 10. For example: Flint => 40, Logs => 20 and Boards => 10. The only exception is Horn, which stacks to 5.

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