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The Iron Hulk is a Mob exclusive to the Hamlet DLC.

Brain Behavior

It is normally an unassuming heap of overgrown robot parts that will come to life and attack when mined with a Pickaxe. They can also be stirred to life with lightning. During the Aporkalypse, the Iron Hulk will remain activated constantly.

There are four different parts to be found: a head, a torso, a leg, or an arm. The arms and torsos are by far the most devastating ones, as they will shoot a giant laser beam, which can cause immense damage, and if unarmored, can instantly kill the player.

The player can, however, farm Iron Ore by mining them repeatedly.

Gramophone Examination Quotes



Wilson Portrait
All that iron should be mine.

Wilson, when examining the Ribs

Willow Portrait
Aww... It won't burn.

Willow, when examining the Ribs

Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang can eat ribs?

Wolfgang, when examining the Ribs

Wendy Portrait
An undead instrument of death.

Wendy, when examining the Ribs

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining the Ribs

Wickerbottom Portrait
An iron contraption.

Wickerbottom, when examining the Ribs

Woodie Portrait
It's only full of iron, not wood.

Woodie, when examining the Ribs

Waxwell Portrait
Well that looks interesting.

Maxwell, when examining the Ribs

Webber Portrait
Yikes. Looks scary.

Webber, when examining the Ribs

Walani Portrait
Just stay asleep little guy.

Walani, when examining the Ribs

Warly Portrait
Not sure those ribs are good for BBQing.

Warly, when examining the Ribs

Woodlegs Portrait
'Tis an iron leviathan.

Woodlegs, when examining the Ribs

Wilba Portrait

Wilba, when examining the Ribs


Walani Portrait
Yeesh. Don't wanna high five that.

Walani, when examining the Arm


Walani Portrait
I think I had a pair of boots like that.

Walani, when examining the Leg

Prototype Tips

  • It is recommended to mine the leg pieces, as they are the weakest and easiest to kite, therefore allowing the player to dodge and repeatedly mine them.
  • The biome Iron Hulks are found in are often next to Thunderbirds. This can cause the Iron Hulks to be struck by lightning, awakening them.

Placeholder Trivia

  • The Iron Hulk's Torso and Arm attack is similar to that of the Deerclops in the Don't Starve Together Event Winter's Feast.
  • The Iron Hulk's lua file gives it a drop table and has unimplemented code that gives the Iron Hulk health.
  • According to Rhymes with Play #213, the identity of the Iron Hulks' creator is a secret.
  • The Iron Hulk can attack and kill shadow creatures. This is unlikely to be a bug, as it has a custom animation.
  • In the World Customization menu, they are called Rusted Hulks.

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